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  • Hi, my name's Ed.


  • Welcome to Ed Explains English!

    Ed Explains English へようこそ!

  • With so much information being transferred nowadays, it's not surprising that some of it might get mixed up.


  • Therefore, it's necessary that we check with the people we are talking to, just to be sure that we've understood everything correctly.


  • Let's look at a few ways that we can do that.


  • Why don't we take a familiar situation at school, as an example?


  • Your teacher has just explained something new to the class, so wants to get feedback from the students to check they've understood.


  • These are the questions he or she could ask:


  • 'Do you understand?'


  • 'Are you following me?'


  • 'Do you understand what I mean?'


  • 'Do you understand what I'm saying?'


  • 'Any questions?'


  • 'Have you got it?'


  • Now, there are two ways we can reply, either to express that we have understood:


  • 'Everything is comprehensible.'


  • 'Okay, I got what you mean.'


  • 'I understand what you mean.'


  • 'I see what you mean.'


  • 'I understand what you are saying.'


  • 'I've got it.'


  • Or we need to use the following phrases if we have not understood:


  • 'Sorry, I didn't get your point.'


  • 'What do you mean?'


  • 'I'm not sure I got your point.'


  • 'I beg your pardon, but I don't quite understand.'


  • 'I don't quite follow you.'


  • 'I'm sorry.'


  • 'I don't understand what you mean.'


  • Sometimes we think that we have understood, but might want to ask a question to check:


  • 'Could you clarify that please?'


  • 'Could you explain that please?'


  • 'What do you mean by that?'


  • 'Could you say that again?'


  • 'Could you repeat please?'


  • 'Could you put it differently please?'


  • Our teacher will of course happily clarify the point he or she was making, by saying:


  • 'Sorry, let me explain.'


  • 'Let me clarify it for you.'


  • 'To put it differently.'


  • 'Let me put it another way.'


  • 'I will paraphrase that for you.'


  • So, don't feel discouraged when you don't understand everything the first time around.


  • Just think of these phrases and you'll be able to check you have understood, in no time at all.


Hi, my name's Ed.


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