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00:05 COMM: King of the road Irvin Gordon has been
driving his 1966 Volvo p1800 for 46 years
00:21 COMM: With a staggering 2,994,000 miles on
the clock he is set to break the 3 million mile barrier
00:35 IRVIN: My friends used to think I was slightly
nuts but now they're very impressed that the car is getting the attention that its getting
um they're waiting to see it get the 3 million miles also they're very enthusiastic about
00:48 COMM: Irvin from Long Island, New York began
his love affair with the volvo 1966 when he laid eyes on the car for the first time.
00:56 IRVIN: Uh i payed $4,150 which was a whole
year salary for me I put 1500 miles on the car the first week and I earned it, I just
couldn't get out the car, I was having such a good time, I just spent all Friday night,
all Saturday, all day Sunday then came back Monday for its 1500 mile checkup.
01:14 COMM: Driving an average of 60,000 miles a
year the 70 year olds travels have taken him all over America and even around the world.
in 2009 the car received a Guinness World Record for the highest vehicle milage clocking
an access of 2,721,000 miles.
01:31 IRVIN: I've always liked driving everyone
has to have a hobby, some people drink, some people take drugs, driving is my drug of choice.
01:39 COMM: As you might expect all those miles
required a lot of maintenance and work, today Irv has payed for 157 oil changes, 120 lots
of transmission fluid, 30 drive belts and 150 points and plugs, not to mention the thousands
of dollars he's spent on petrol
01:57 IRVIN: I like to drive so I could be spending
it on I don't know golf, bowling, I could be doing whatever um I choose to spend my
time at a gas station filling the car up
02:07 COMM: In just a few months time the car is
expected to reach 3 million miles but after 46 years, Irv is finally ready to say goodbye
so if you have a spare 3 million dollars in the bank then this classic could be yours
02:20 IRVIN: Its for sale I'm entertaining offers
at a dollar a mile, I like driving a new car they have air conditioning and power and everything,
power seats and heated seats, nice stereos and all kinds off nifty equipment and all
the things that my car doesn't have.
02:34 COMM: But until he finds a buyer, Irv will
continue hitting the highway and clocking up more miles
02:40 IRVIN: A lot of those miles just add up and
after 46 years of driving and driving and driving, I've never gotten tired of this one
and I still enjoy driving it.


Three Million Mile Motor: Car Fanatic Drives Into The Record Books

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