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  • wait.

  • Just you wait to hear this story.

  • When the entire original cast a Broadway's Hamilton performed live for nine year old Aubrey Bowman on a zoom call, there were no words, literally.

  • Hi, Aubrey.

  • How are you?

  • I'm saying, Are you didn't get to see Hamilton.

  • I'm so glad to meet you.

  • I thought I was having delusions.

  • That's it.

  • I was like, after the whole thing.

  • After we got off meeting, I had myself like a 1,000,000 times to make sure I was awake.

  • Aubrey, who's from Winter Park, Florida, was supposed to celebrate her ninth birthday by seeing a production of Hamilton in Jacksonville.

  • But because of the Corona virus pandemic, the show was canceled.

  • Her mom, Mary, expressed her disappointment on Twitter, tagging on Lee, the show's creator, Lin Manuel Miranda, and she said, because Aubrey couldn't see Hamilton.

  • Instead, she watched Lin Manuel Miranda and Mary Poppins returns your Bond.

  • Your first impression was Mr Luckily.

  • She toughed it out, though, turning to the one person that she can always count.

  • Then the office star, John Krasinski, stepped in.

  • Aubrey, you've had a rough week.

  • I hear I heard you're a big Hamilton van, 1 to 10.

  • What do we think?

  • Rhea Rhea?

  • Seven or eight or 1,000,000?

  • 1,000,000?

  • Wow, that's amazing.

  • Presence Keys Team had contacted Aubrey's mom so he could surprise her on his new YouTube show.

  • Some good news, that land.

  • See this tweet cause you on Lee tracked the linen.

  • This I don't know.

  • They just said they saw the tweet and they wanted to do this on top of the live performance.

  • Aubrey was surprised.

  • Even further of the social distancing thing is very important.

  • So I have a deal for when it's all over, I will fly you and your mom to New York and you will see Hamilton on Broadway.

  • How does that sound?

  • Booze?

  • Yeah, to me.

  • While it was an amazing experience for her, for all of us reading some of the comments how the show made people feel so good at such a difficult time, that means so much.

  • I know to me just because, you know, we're all going through this horrible time and despite not being able to see the entire show of Hamilton, so on a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate this burka your ninth birthday?

  • A 1,000,000 scale explodes.



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9歳の子供が「ハミルトン」のキャストに驚き「言葉が出なかった (9-Year-Old Surprised by ‘Hamilton’ Cast: ‘I Was Speechless’)

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