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  • Hi, I’m Alvin.

  • I’m a Product Manager here at Google

  • and a practicing doctor in Internal Medicine.

  • Our goal is to restore the joy of caregiving

  • and redefine how physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and moreoperate.

  • We want to enable them to operate at the top of their license,

  • encouraging high-quality and high value care.

  • Today, healthcare data is siloed

  • and innovation to improve the clinical experience is hard

  • The tools for frontline clinicians are clerical and sub-optimal for decision making

  • We need modern tools that are a joy to use.

  • Doctors and nurses spend half their day in the electronic health record,

  • and they often have to log into multiple systems

  • with multiple usernames and multiple passwords

  • rather than seeing all the information in a single place.

  • This makes accessing the information they need burdensome,

  • and even when they do get to the data,

  • they are often confronted with information overload

  • and they don’t have the tools to quickly and easily find what they are looking for.

  • Were excited to share with you what weve been working on here at Google Health.

  • The chart youre going to see is synthetic, meaning it’s not real patient data.

  • The product is currently in development and early clinical pilots.

  • It’s not yet available for clinical use.

  • With a single log-in, doctors can access

  • a unified view of data normally spread across multiple systems.

  • All the types of information clinicians need are assembled together,

  • such as the vitals, labs, medications, and notes.

  • Clicking on any value will start a deeper exploration,

  • showing recent and historical trends, both graphically

  • and with tables.

  • Doctors can query the entire chart with their own words

  • and typos

  • Results are not strict keyword matches.

  • A variety of Google technologies are used to identify related concepts,

  • such as coagulopathy and thrombocytopenia.

  • Clinical shorthands works too.

  • You can search abx for antibiotics,

  • and well return the administered antibiotics and mentions of them in the note below.

  • To reduce the number of clicks, clinicians can jump directly

  • to any part of the chart with a simple search, such as vitals or notes.

  • Key information, like the latest admission note, known as an H&P, 

  • are also just a few keystrokes away.

  • Text is often copied and pasted from prior notes,

  • obscuring fresh from stale information.

  • Copy-forwarded text is automatically detected in grey

  • and the source is shown on hover.

  • Documentation is a major pain point for physicians

  • To help, we've adapted SmartCompose from Gmail

  • complete common clinical phrases.

  • As clinicians write in different sections of the note,

  • relevant information will be shown on the right hand side,

  • and tricky to enter or spell information is automatically made easier to enter.

  • As clinicians type about lab tests,

  • relevant results will automatically be shown on the right hand side.

  • Well even try to successfully complete, grammatically,

  • what the clinician wants type

  • and enter the right piece of information.

  • Similar proactive assistance works for reports,

  • such as the chest x-ray

  • where well show the full report and after you enter it,

  • you can go back to see it at any time point.

  • Last, and this is my favorite feature,

  • youll even be able to search for information in scanned documents.

  • And those faxes, even when theyre handwritten,

  • well still find the information for you.

  • We want to empower clinicians by making it easier to access complex,

  • clinical data with tools that are delightful to use.

  • We want to make the work of caring for patients,

  • like documenting your thoughtsmore efficient and seamless.

  • Were excited to work with doctors and nurses on our collective mission

  • of delivering the best possible care for all patients.

Hi, I’m Alvin.


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