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  • (dramatic music)

  • - A handsome young poet beguiled me and I him,

  • and we shared a moment, and parted.

  • - Complicated love, is definitely the name of the game.

  • - It is a romantic epic saga.

  • - After all this time you still doubt me!

  • - Perhaps I doubt everything.

  • - Relationships are complex, you know

  • they're not always straightforward and they go through

  • ebbs and flows and ups and downs.

  • - There are truly joyous moments in this series.

  • - Sam and Emma, kind of falling in love with each other.

  • - It is a happy marriage for Elizabeth and George.

  • It's just really nice to find that love between them.

  • - What can you do when people have everything

  • that they possibly want, you'd have to pull them apart.

  • - I feel that I have failed.

  • - And it's not just a "Well, they won't make it",

  • it's a "how are they gonna do this?".

  • - [Woman] And then it's one obstacle after the other.

  • - How can Drake not mourn for the loss of Morwenna?

  • - Heartbroken and pining.

  • - But what's so beautiful is that

  • they still love each other so much.

  • - I mean the brilliant thing about series four is that the

  • relationships are so much more layered, difficult, complex.

  • - I think it ultimately creates a very very deep

  • relationship and a deep love.

(dramatic music)


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ポルダーク シーズン4「愛は複雑に絡み合っている (Poldark, Season 4: Love is Complicated)

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