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  • Translator: Thu-Huong Ha Reviewer: Morton Bast

    翻訳: Yusuke Yanagita 校正: Takahiro Shimpo

  • This is the skyline of my hometown, New Orleans.

    これは私の故郷 ニューオーリンズの写真です

  • It was a great place to grow up,


  • but it's one of the most vulnerable spots in the world.


  • Half the city is already below sea level.


  • In 2005, the world watched as New Orleans

    ご存じの通り2005年には メキシコ湾岸地域は

  • and the Gulf Coast were devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

    ハリケーンカトリーナの 甚大な被害を受けました

  • One thousand, eight hundred and thirty-six people died. Nearly 300,000 homes were lost.

    1836人が亡くなり 約30万もの家が失われました

  • These are my mother's, at the top --


  • although that's not her car,


  • it was carried there by floodwaters up to the roof --

    屋根の高さまで氾濫した 水が運んできたものです

  • and that's my sister's, below.


  • Fortunately, they and other family members got out in time,

    妹の家族は幸運にも 逃げ出すことはできましたが

  • but they lost their homes, and as you can see,

    家は破壊され ご覧の通り

  • just about everything in them.


  • Other parts of the world have been hit by storms


  • in even more devastating ways.


  • In 2008, Cyclone Nargis and its aftermath


  • killed 138,000 in Myanmar.

    サイクロン ナルギスにより 13万8千人が亡くなりました

  • Climate change is affecting our homes, our communities,

    気候変動は私たちの家や コミュニティ 生活に打撃を与えます

  • our way of life. We should be preparing


  • at every scale and at every opportunity.


  • This talk is about being prepared for, and resilient to

    今回お話しするのは 私たちの共通の家である地球に

  • the changes that are coming and that will affect our homes


  • and our collective home, the Earth.

    どう準備をし どう対策していくかについてです

  • The changes in these times won't affect us all equally.

    この変動は全ての人に等しく 影響があるわけではありません

  • There are important distributional consequences,


  • and they're not what you always might think.


  • In New Orleans, the elderly and female-headed households

    ニューオーリンズでは 老人家庭や女性世帯主の

  • were among the most vulnerable.


  • For those in vulnerable, low-lying nations,


  • how do you put a dollar value on losing your country

    先祖が眠る土地の喪失は お金で解決できることでしょうか?

  • where you ancestors are buried? And where will your people go?

    どこへ向かえばよいのでしょうか? そして見知らぬ土地で

  • And how will they cope in a foreign land?


  • Will there be tensions over immigration,


  • or conflicts over competition for limited resources?

    限られた資源をめぐる衝突が 待っているかもしれません

  • It's already fueled conflicts in Chad and Darfur.

    チャドやダルフールでは 既に衝突がありました

  • Like it or not, ready or not, this is our future.

    望まずとも 準備できていなくとも これが私たちの未来なのです

  • Sure, some are looking for opportunities in this new world.

    もちろん 新しい世界にチャンスを 見いだす人々もいます

  • That's the Russians planting a flag on the ocean bottom

    これは失われつつある北極の氷の 下に眠るミネラルの権利を

  • to stake a claim for minerals under the receding Arctic sea ice.

    主張して海の底に立てられた ロシアの国旗です

  • But while there might be some short-term individual winners,

    短期的には少数の勝者が でるかもしれませんが

  • our collective losses will far outweigh them.

    人類全体にとっては 大きな重荷となることでしょう

  • Look no further than the insurance industry as they struggle


  • to cope with mounting catastrophic losses


  • from extreme weather events.


  • The military gets it. They call climate change

    気候変動が 安定と安全を損ね

  • a threat multiplier that could harm stability and security,

    脅威を増大させることを 軍は理解していますが

  • while governments around the world are evaluating

    世界中の政府は どう対応すべきか

  • how to respond.


  • So what can we do? How can we prepare and adapt?

    では私たちにはどのような 対策 対応ができるでしょうか?

  • I'd like to share three sets of examples, starting with


  • adapting to violent storms and floods.

    1つ目は激しい嵐と 洪水への対応策です

  • In New Orleans, the I-10 Twin Spans,

    こちらのニューオーリンズにある カトリーナに破壊された

  • with sections knocked out in Katrina, have been rebuilt

    ツイン・スパン橋は さらに大きなハリケーンに備え

  • 21 feet higher to allow for greater storm surge.

    前より 6m 高い位置に 再建されました

  • And these raised and energy-efficient homes

    そしてこの高床で エネルギー効率の良い家は

  • were developed by Brad Pitt and Make It Right

    ブラッド・ピットや メイク・イット・ライト財団の支援を受け

  • for the hard-hit Ninth Ward.

    かつて大打撃を受けた 第九地区に建設されました

  • The devastated church my mom attends has been

    母がかつてよく通っていた この荒廃した教会は

  • not only rebuilt higher, it's poised to become

    高い位置に再建されただけでなく 国内で最初の

  • the first Energy Star church in the country.

    エネルギースター基準を 満たした初の教会です

  • They're selling electricity back to the grid


  • thanks to solar panels, reflective paint and more.


  • Their March electricity bill was only 48 dollars.


  • Now these are examples of New Orleans rebuilding in this way,

    これはニューオーリンズの 再建方法の例ですが

  • but better if others act proactively with these changes in mind.

    皆が気候変動を踏まえて事前の 対策を講じるようになればと願います

  • For example, in Galveston, here's a resilient home

    例えばこのガルベストンの家は 他の全ての家がハリケーンで

  • that survived Hurricane Ike,


  • when others on neighboring lots clearly did not.


  • And around the world, satellites and warning systems

    そして世界中で気象衛星や 警告システムが

  • are saving lives in flood-prone areas such as Bangladesh.

    バングラデシュのような洪水の多い 地域の人々の命を救っています

  • But as important as technology and infrastructure are,

    しかし科学技術やインフラが 重要であるのと同様に

  • perhaps the human element is even more critical.

    おそらく人間自体の要素も 非常に重要なはずです

  • We need better planning and systems for evacuation.

    つまり優れた計画能力や 避難システムが必要なのです

  • We need to better understand how people make decisions

    人々が緊急時にどのような判断を 下すのか そしてその理由は何かを

  • in times of crisis, and why.


  • While it's true that many who died in Katrina did not have access to transportation,

    カトリーナで亡くなった人の多くは 移動手段を持たない方々でしたが

  • others who did refused to leave as the storm approached,


  • often because available transportation and shelters

    ペットを受け入れないという理由で 嵐が近づいても

  • refused to allow them to take their pets.


  • Imagine leaving behind your own pet in an evacuation or a rescue.

    避難や救出の際にペットを置き去りに することを想像してみてください

  • Fortunately in 2006, Congress passed

    幸運にも2006年 連邦議会は

  • the Pet Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act (Laughter)


  • it spells "PETS" — to change that.

    頭文字をとってPETS法とも 呼ばれています

  • Second, preparing for heat and drought.


  • Farmers are facing challenges of drought from Asia

    農家の人々はアジア アフリカ オーストラリアから

  • to Africa, from Australia to Oklahoma,

    オクラホマまで 世界中で

  • while heat waves linked with climate change


  • have killed tens of thousands of people


  • in Western Europe in 2003, and again in Russia in 2010.

    2003年西欧で 2010年はロシアで 何千人もの人々が犠牲になりました

  • In Ethiopia, 70 percent, that's 7-0 percent of the population,

    エチオピアではなんと 70%もの人々の生活が

  • depends on rainfall for its livelihood.


  • Oxfam and Swiss Re, together with Rockefeller Foundation,

    オックスファムやスイス・リーは ロックフェラー財団とともに

  • are helping farmers like this one build hillside terraces


  • and find other ways to conserve water,


  • but they're also providing for insurance when the droughts do come.

    しかし干ばつに見舞われたときのための 保険も同時に提供しています

  • The stability this provides is giving the farmers


  • the confidence to invest.


  • It's giving them access to affordable credit.

    すると低利子の 融資を受けることができます

  • It's allowing them to become more productive so that


  • they can afford their own insurance over time, without assistance.

    援助をうけずに 自分で保険料を まかなうことができるようになるのです

  • It's a virtuous cycle, and one that could be replicated

    非常に良い循環であり 途上国全体で

  • throughout the developing world.


  • After a lethal 1995 heat wave


  • turned refrigerator trucks from the popular


  • Taste of Chicago festival into makeshift morgues,

    仮設の死体置き場に使う 経験を経て シカゴは

  • Chicago became a recognized leader,


  • tamping down on the urban heat island impact

    ヒートアイランド現象を 抑制するリーダーとして

  • through opening cooling centers,


  • outreach to vulnerable neighborhoods, planting trees,


  • creating cool white or vegetated green roofs.

    白い屋根や屋根緑化を 取り入れたりしています

  • This is City Hall's green roof, next to Cook County's [portion of the] roof,

    これは市役所の緑の屋根です 隣のクック郡にある建物の屋根より

  • which is 77 degrees Fahrenheit hotter at the surface.


  • Washington, D.C., last year, actually led the nation

    ワシントンD.C.は昨年 緑の屋根の敷設に関し

  • in new green roofs installed, and they're funding this in part


  • thanks to a five-cent tax on plastic bags.

    資金はレジ袋に課税した 5セントから捻出しました

  • They're splitting the cost of installing these green roofs

    家やビルの所有者と 緑の屋根の敷設の資金を

  • with home and building owners.


  • The roofs not only temper urban heat island impact


  • but they save energy, and therefore money,


  • the emissions that cause climate change,


  • and they also reduce stormwater runoff.


  • So some solutions to heat can provide for win-win-wins.

    熱への対処は他の分野でも 大きな利点となるのです

  • Third, adapting to rising seas.


  • Sea level rise threatens coastal ecosystems, agriculture,

    海面上昇は海岸地域の生態系 農業 そして大都市にも影響を与えます

  • even major cities. This is what one to two meters

    これは1、2メートルの 海面上昇により影響を受ける

  • of sea level rise looks like in the Mekong Delta.


  • That's where half of Vietnam's rice is grown.

    ここではベトナムの米の 半分もが生産されています

  • Infrastructure is going to be affected.


  • Airports around the world are located on the coast.

    世界中の多くの空港は 海岸沿いに位置します

  • It makes sense, right? There's open space,


  • the planes can take off and land without worrying about

    騒音問題や高層ビルを心配せずとも 飛行機が離着陸できる

  • creating noise or avoiding tall buildings.


  • Here's just one example, San Francisco Airport,

    一つの例を挙げてみましょう これはサンフランシスコ空港が

  • with 16 inches or more of flooding.

    40cm 以上の洪水に 見舞われた際 水没する箇所です

  • Imagine the staggering cost of protecting


  • this vital infrastructure with levees.

    堤防建設にかかる膨大な コストを想像してみてください

  • But there might be some changes in store


  • that you might not imagine. For example,


  • planes require more runway for takeoff

    例えば空気が熱せられて 密度が下がれば飛行機が

  • because the heated, less dense air, provides for less lift.

    飛ぶのに必要な揚力が増すので より長い滑走路が必要になるのです

  • San Francisco is also spending 40 million dollars

    サンフランシスコでは 雨水の排出パイプが雨水で

  • to rethink and redesign its water and sewage treatment,

    水没してしまうと 工場からの 排水ができなくなる上に

  • as water outfall pipes like this one can be flooded with seawater,

    廃棄物を処理するバクテリアに 影響がでてしまうので

  • causing backups at the plant, harming the bacteria

    4000万ドルを捻出して 上下水道システムの

  • that are needed to treat the waste.


  • So these outfall pipes have been retrofitted


  • to shut seawater off from entering the system.

    パイプ内に雨水が侵入しないように 改良されました

  • Beyond these technical solutions, our work

    技術的な解決案だけでなく 地元住民と共に

  • at the Georgetown Climate Center with communities


  • encourages them to look at what existing legal and policy tools are available

    どんな現行の法律や 政策が利用可能なのか

  • and to consider how they can accommodate change.

    また どのように気候変動に 対応できるのか検討しています

  • For example, in land use, which areas do you want

    例えば土地の使用で言えば 防波堤の建設で守れる

  • to protect, through adding a seawall, for example,

    場所はどこか? 建物を高床にして守れるのか?

  • alter, by raising buildings, or retreat from,

    湿地帯や海岸のような 重要な自然体系を移動させることで

  • to allow the migration of important natural systems,


  • such as wetlands or beaches?


  • Other examples to consider. In the U.K.,


  • the Thames Barrier protects London from storm surge.

    テムズ川防潮堤は高潮から ロンドンを守っています

  • The Asian Cities Climate [Change] Resilience Network


  • is restoring vital ecosystems like forest mangroves.

    マングローブ等の重要な 生態系の保全に努めています

  • These are not only important ecosystems in their own right,

    マングローブの生態系 そのものが重要なばかりではなく

  • but they also serve as a buffer to protect inland communities.

    内陸の環境を守る緩衝地帯 としての役割もあるのです

  • New York City is incredibly vulnerable to storms,


  • as you can see from this clever sign, and to sea level rise,

    この標識からもわかるように 海面の上昇や高潮に非常に脆弱で

  • and to storm surge, as you can see from the subway flooding.

    ご覧のように地下鉄が 水没する可能性もあります

  • But back above ground, these raised ventilation grates

    しかし地上に目を向けてみると この一段高い通気用格子は

  • for the subway system show that solutions can be both


  • functional and attractive. In fact, in New York,

    実際ニューヨークや サンフランシスコ ロンドンでは

  • San Francisco and London, designers have envisioned

    デザイナーが気候変動を 心に留めながら

  • ways to better integrate the natural and built environments


  • with climate change in mind.


  • I think these are inspiring examples of what's possible

    これらは前例のない 世界への対応能力をつけた

  • when we feel empowered to plan for a world that will be different.

    私たちの可能性を 示すよい例だと思います

  • But now, a word of caution.

    しかし注意しなければ ならないことがあります

  • Adaptation's too important to be left to the experts.

    この「適応」は専門家に 任せてはダメです

  • Why? Well, there are no experts.

    なぜかというと 専門家なんていないからです

  • We're entering uncharted territory, and yet

    私たちは未知の領域に 達しようとしています

  • our expertise and our systems are based on the past.

    私たちの知識やシステムは 過去の成果をベースとしています

  • "Stationarity" is the notion that we can anticipate the future


  • based on the past, and plan accordingly,


  • and this principle governs much of our engineering,


  • our design of critical infrastructure, city water systems,

    重大なインフラのデザイン 都市の水道システム

  • building codes, even water rights and other legal precedents.

    建築基準法や水利権 その他の 法的前例を支配しているのです

  • But we can simply no longer rely on established norms.

    しかし単純に既存の規範に 頼ることはできません

  • We're operating outside the bounds of CO2 concentrations

    地球が何千年にもわたって 経験してきたCO2濃度の範囲外で

  • that the planet has seen for hundreds of thousands of years.


  • The larger point I'm trying to make is this.

    さらに重要なことは ただ生き残るためでなく

  • It's up to us to look at our homes and our communities,

    より繁栄するために 家庭やコミュニティが

  • our vulnerabilities and our exposures to risk,


  • and to find ways to not just survive, but to thrive,

    認識するかどうかも私たちに かかっているということです

  • and it's up to us to plan and to prepare


  • and to call on our government leaders and require them

    政府のリーダーたちが気候変動の 基本的原因に対処する一方で

  • to do the same, even while they address


  • the underlying causes of climate change.

    要求していくことが私たちの 双肩にかかっています

  • There are no quick fixes.


  • There are no one-size-fits-all solutions.


  • We're all learning by doing.


  • But the operative word is doing.


  • Thank you.


  • (Applause)

Translator: Thu-Huong Ha Reviewer: Morton Bast

翻訳: Yusuke Yanagita 校正: Takahiro Shimpo


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