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I always put things off. I leave things to the last minute and then
regret it. There are even times when I have something
I need to do, And it’s something I want to do,
And as I’m about to see it through, It seems like anything else will do.
Because I am a procrastinator, I put things off and say ‘I’ll do it later’;
I am my own manipulator, Tricking myself that time is on my side,
When it’s not.
Because I am a time evaporator, I put things off and say ‘I’ll do it later’;
I am a distraction generator, Finding anything and everything to do,
Except that one thing.
I am an attention detonator, I put things off and say ‘I’ll do it later’;
I need a focus investigator, Because I am a perpetrator of crimes against
I play it as cool as a refrigerator, I put things off and say ‘I’ll do it later’;
I am a panic operator, I wait until the last minute until fear gets
things done, But what if there is no last minute,
No deadlines to make us panic, Then what?
We would just continue forward forever, Where we’d sit distracted by leisure,
Chasing goals we will never treasure.
But we are all procrastinators. At risk of living life in line like spectators.
Wanting to have done things more than do them, But we do things more once we’ve done them.
So let’s stop putting things off and become life activators, time dedicators, opportunity
creators, and do more.
Life is there for the taking, but you have to take it, if you want to make it.
Life can be rewarding, but there is no award for ambitions ignored.
Whether it’s that project you’ve yet to finish,
Or that work you’ve yet to start, be smart.
Good things DO NOT come to those who wait, So don’t leave it to fate, your life deserves
to be great, Be the best version of you, before it’s
too late.
And if your attention ever fades, focus on this old thought,
That time is a thief that never gets caught.



1037 タグ追加 保存
Precious Annie Liao 2017 年 7 月 20 日 に公開
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