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-Finally, there's a lot going on in the world right now,
so a lot of people have been dealing with stress
by turning to meditation.
Even the meditation app Headspace, which is great,
have updated their app
so it's specifically for these times.
Take a look.
-We here at Headspace know how critically important it is
to disconnect and quiet the mind,
especially when what you really want to do is
smash a glass bottle into the wall.
Introducing Headspace 2020.
Simply open the app and scroll through our new library
of meditations brought on by anxieties
from each new nightmare that arises this year.
Are you feeling nervous about the global pandemic?
Let us help.
-[ British accent ] Feel your feet on the ground.
Close your eyes.
You're in a clean room. You're safe.
And there goes your neighbor, Bill,
who refuses to wear a mask,
even though you've asked him politely!
"Hi, Bill."
But it's fine. We're fine.
-Is the conversation about Confederate statues
causing you anxiety?
Join us.
-Imagine you're in a park.
You feel the wind.
You smell the grass.
You slowly turn the corner, and -- oops --
there's a racist statue there.
Okay, let's make a left turn.
And -- wow! -- there, too, huh?
No problem. Let's just turn around.
Another one? Really?
We're really having this discussion about a KKK statue?
Sorry. Sorry. I'm calm.
And we're back.
And I'm British again, and you're British, if you want.
We're all British.
-Is reading news about the latest meteor
about to hit Earth getting you upset?
Take this journey.
-Picture yourself in a field.
You look up into the deep-blue sky.
And what's that?
It's some sort of light that seems to be...
No. No, it's not a light.
It's a rock the size of Texas! Run!
Run, don't walk! Get -- Oh, hold on.
It's missed us and skimmed off the atmosphere
like a pebble in a pond.
That was close.
Why, in a way, we're all just dinosaurs.
-So don't worry. Headspace 2020 has you covered.
And we're now also including "Latest Weather Catastrophe,"
"New Killer Species," "Aliens,"
and, thanks to over 900 billion of your e-mails,
"Long Zoom Meetings with Your Co-workers."
Headspace 2020 -- close your eyes and relax.


Headspace 2020 Commercial

林宜悉 2020 年 7 月 3 日 に公開
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