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  • Tongue Drive System is a an assistive technology

  • that would enable individuals that have

  • severe physical disabilities

  • to use their tongue motion

  • in order to do things, to go after their daily lives

  • so we can take advantage of the abilities of the tongue

  • in order to enable this person to

  • for example access computers, move a mouse cursor

  • on the screen or drive a wheelchair

  • The way Tongue Drive works is actually pretty simple idea, we

  • attach a tiny magnet on the tongue

  • towards the tip of the tongue, as the tongue moves,

  • we can sense the changes in the magnetic field.

  • And then, our headset

  • has a wireless connection to a smartphone that is worn

  • by the user. It can detect where and

  • in what direction, and at what location,

  • the tongue and this tiny magnet is, and

  • execute that that comment by sending the proper signals to the wheelchair

  • to follow my command.

  • This was our first study, both on able-bodied subjects

  • the able-bodied volunteers as well as people

  • with high level spinal cord injury, by high-level

  • these are individuals that are completely paralyzed from neck

  • down, in order to see how well it works compared to a

  • very popular assistive technology

  • the disabled subjects try to do the same task with the Tongue Drive System

  • and with Sip-N-Puff, and we looked at their performance

  • on average our results show that their performance with the Tongue Drive System

  • were

  • three times better than the Sip-N-Puff.

  • I have put it as my mission to

  • help ease these individuals to become more independent, it not only

  • lowers their health care costs, it is beneficial to the society,

  • it's beneficial to their family members and caregivers,

  • but most important of all, it is beneficial to themselves, because they

  • cannot go back to

  • how they were, but at least I can help them

  • to be more independent and self sufficient

Tongue Drive System is a an assistive technology


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ジョージア工科大学のトングドライブシステム (Georgia Tech Tongue Drive System)

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