• US /məˈnɔrɪti, -ˈnɑr-, maɪ-/
  • UK /maɪ'nɒrətɪ/
  • n. 少数派; 少数派;
  • Asians are a minority in Australia, but they are accepted as full citizens
  • A minority of people oppose freedom of the press

アジア系にしかわからない気まずい瞬間 (Awkward Moments Only Asians Understand)

アジア系にしかわからない気まずい瞬間 (Awkward Moments Only Asians Understand) Image 03:01
  1. i'm so glad i have minority friends.

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【TED】コリン・パウエル「子どもたちに規律のある環境を与えよう」 (Colin Powell: Kids need structure)

【TED】コリン・パウエル「子どもたちに規律のある環境を与えよう」 (Colin Powell: Kids need structure) Image 17:47
  1. you'll noticed that almost all of them are minority.

    お気づきでしょうが 殆どがマイノリティーで
  2. and almost 50 percent of our minority population

    マイノリティーの間では この率は50%にもなります
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クリントン元大統領の演説-米国について (State of the Union Address: Speech by President Clinton (1995))

クリントン元大統領の演説-米国について (State of the Union Address: Speech by President Clinton (1995)) Image 01:22:52
  1. get away without paying their child support. it keeps a minority, but a significant minority

    その子のサポートを支払わずに逃げる。 それは少数を保持しますが、かなりの少数派
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人生を変える (Listen..This Will Change Your Life - The Strangest Secret)

人生を変える (Listen..This Will Change Your Life - The Strangest Secret) Image 31:42
  1. its wonderful minority doing virtually nothing is impossible

  2. you'll be in that wonderful minority leader tom cheerful successful writers

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屈辱の業界~モニカ・ルウィンスキー2015 スペイン語字幕版 英語

屈辱の業界~モニカ・ルウィンスキー2015 スペイン語字幕版 英語 Image 22:31
  1. the theory of minority influence,

  2. in the online world, we can foster minority influence

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不正行為の科学 Image 02:53
  1. highlighting how scientific research continues to exclude specific minority groups.

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12年目の奴隷のオーディオブック第1章 ソロモン・ノーサップ著

12年目の奴隷のオーディオブック第1章 ソロモン・ノーサップ著 Image 16:10
  1. i had just now passed the period of my minority, having reached the age of twenty-one years

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  1. Groups of people of which there are too many at my water park.
    There are too many minorities at my water park. The lazy river has never been lazier.
  2. An ethnic, racial, religious, or other group having a distinctive presence within a society. A group having little power or representation relative to other groups within a society. A member of one of these groups. Or for you narrow-minded idiots who think it is nothing but a song, a Green Day song.
    Idiot: OMGZ!!!11111 Mimority is a green day song. Me: No, it is An ethnic, racial, religious, or other group having a distinctive presence within a society, you idiot.
  3. Minority: I think that 'minority' is the lesser part of society that just, basically, sits on the back burner, rejected from society. Being individualistic and rebellious to an extent. Not taking too much crap from people. Being apart of the minority puts you at the bottom. But don't bum out about it: The minority is more favorable. Trust me.
    " 'Miority' is about being an individual. It's like you have to sift throught the darkness to find your place and be that individual you want to be your entire life." ---Billie Joe Armstrong, Lead Singer of Green Day Minority isn't just a Green Day song, no. But they did put a nice tag on it.
  4. anyone who thinks they deserve whatever the hell they want. green day is annoying.
    boss= you're fired because you raped the secretary. employee= THIS IS BECAUSE I HAVE A HALF GREAT STEP UNCLE WHO'S ONE FOURTH BLACK ISN'T IT!? and somehow employee will win the minority abuse lawsuit.
  5. Of or relating to Hispanics and Blacks, esp in the media. Many times use of the word "minority" will exclude Asians; when in reference to university populations esp in California Asians will often be referred to as "[minority-majority]."
    Minority test scores are continually falling.
  6. Anyone who is not white. Even if whites are technically "the minority" in a country that is mostly another race, the non-whites are still called "minorities", because that's what minorities are!
    "I went to Mexico over the summer, there were so many minorities there!! I think I was the only one there that wasn't a minority!" "Excuse me sir, what race are you?" "I'm a minority"