• US /ˈmɛdo/
  • UK /'medəʊ/
  • n. 牧草地;
  • The cows wandered off the farm and into a green meadow filled with sweet grasses and flowers

言語を勉強するための16の習慣  (16 habits for learning languages)

言語を勉強するための16の習慣  (16 habits for learning languages) Image 10:25
  1. where just spent hours a day carrying grass from the meadow into the goat farm

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  1. The state of relationship that is not considered official but is to the benefit of both participants who are comfortable with not having the physical contact that a real relationship provides. They are comfortable with where they are even though they do not own a title as being together.
    Mah home girl regina is in the meadows right now.