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GitHubとGitの基礎-6.Diff (Diff • GitHub & Git Foundations)

GitHubとGitの基礎-6.Diff (Diff • GitHub & Git Foundations) Image 03:34
  1. git hub & git foundations

    GitHub とGit の基礎
  2. welcome to another episode of git hub foundations.

    Git Hub の基礎 今回のエピソードは
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ニューヨークのタイムズスクエアへの旅行(Times Square Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia)

ニューヨークのタイムズスクエアへの旅行(Times Square Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia) Image 02:09
  1. times square is the hub of the new york theatre district,

  2. by day, times square is a bustling business hub,

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  1. would be the hub of factory production.

  2. today, the service sector is the only real hub left

    今日 サービス産業だけが 残された産業だ
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【旅行英会話】これを観れば大丈夫!入国審査で使う英語表現 (Travel English: How to go through customs at the airport)

【旅行英会話】これを観れば大丈夫!入国審査で使う英語表現 (Travel English: How to go through customs at the airport) Image 08:22
  1. not too long ago, i flew. i had to go out of town and i had to fly through the states. i flew through detroit, it's a big hub.

  2. in case you're ever flying through a hub, a hub is a central area where many flights come and connect to other flights.

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ノルウェーの首都-オスロを探索しましょう! (Oslo Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia)

ノルウェーの首都-オスロを探索しましょう! (Oslo Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia) Image 04:43
  1. so many adventures have been reinvented as an entertainment hub.

    多くのアクティビティが行われる エンターテイメントの中心地に生まれ変わりました
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カフェインが脳に与える影響 How does caffeine affect the brain?

カフェインが脳に与える影響 How does caffeine affect the brain? Image 01:29
  1. subscribe to soton brain hub for more videos to help explain the mysteries of the brain!

    Soton Brain Hubに登録して、脳の謎を解ける動画をもっとチェックしてください。
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Brasilia Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

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  1. hub:(adj)- meaning buff, strong, or yoked. commonly used in sacramento and the bay area.
    -You seen dat boi k.o him wit one punch? -Yeah, that nigga hella (hub) -Man, deer valley high schools goin bad. -Ne wayz theres a function tonight its gone b shmackin cuz!!!
  2. Chicago ghetto slang for fat, chunky crack rocks. Mostly used by Bucktown niggas.
    Hey jo, I got twinkie($20)hubs right now right now!!!!!
  3. Hubs is a modification on the slang term "husband" in reference to one's male spouse. Often used as a term of endearment, hubs is now a commonplace term especially in American cultural tradition. Pati (pronounced pah-thee) is the traditional term for husband in India, but now that the language is becoming americanized by the cross cultural mixture of Indian-Americans in the U.S., Hubu is coming more into use as well as Hubs.
    Hi Hubs! How was your day?
  4. The same as hifey but to the next level. Comes from Oakland (Oaktown)CA, USA.
    We be gettin Hub in the Club!
  5. - The best something can possibly get - Heroic; majestic; impressively great
    Person A: Fuck it, I've got some DMT, let's use it! Person B: Seriously? Person A: Yeah man Person B: Hub!
  6. Hot Upper Body
    Hey Diane, check out Jack, he definitely has H.U.B status!
  7. [huhb] 1. (n.) A device connected to several other devices, most often computers. Ahubcan also be more broadly used to describe any technological device, eg mobile phone, laptop, ipod, etc. 2. (n.) A technologically advanced person. A good researcher. A high ability to find out difficult information via internet searches and facebook stalking. 3. (n.) A term of endearment, often applied to one who is known for their hub prowess and technological skills. 4. (v.) To hub. To research something, or be in touch with someone, via technology. One can hub via the internet, email, mobile phone, etc. Tohub something upis to look something up online. Tohub someone lateris to contact the person later via text message, email or facebook.
    Hub SMS 1: Hey Hubba! Are you at your hub? Can you check when the Bulldogs play tomorrow? Hub SMS 2: Yep, Ill hub it up now. FYI News just in: Big Will OUT, Higgins IN!! Hub SMS 1: Youre such a hub! Thanks! Hub SMS 2: Hub ya later
  8. hub caps. usually used in conjunction with other words describing one's automobile
    "I got hubs and dubs that look just like rims"
  9. HitemUpBoyz - H.U.B. squad found in south jersey. they runnin shit hardbody; main beef is with F.B "fagot bitches" mostly of the puerto rican background.
    "U havent herd of H.U.B?? Where U been under a rock?" - girl one "Hell yeah. them niggas go hard as nails" - girl two "Nah i fuck with F.B" - girl three -girl one and two snuff the shit outta girl three- funny bunny lover
  10. Commonly used word on the server Asherons's Call Thistledown.
    Anyone got hub plez kthx?