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Roger Federer-ウィンブルドン-ロレックス (Roger Federer: Wimbledon - Rolex Rendezvous)

Roger Federer-ウィンブルドン-ロレックス (Roger Federer: Wimbledon - Rolex Rendezvous) Image 02:50
  1. it happens to be the holy grail of tennis – wimbledon.

    当時は精神的に非常に弱かったので 状況は厳しかったです 
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ノートルダムの鐘(原作:ヴィクトル・ユーゴー) (The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo - Book 01 - Chapter 1)

ノートルダムの鐘(原作:ヴィクトル・ユーゴー) (The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo - Book 01 - Chapter 1) Image 39:07
  1. on that day, there was to be a bonfire on the place de greve, a maypole at the

  2. it must be stated, in honor of the good sense of the loungers of paris, that the

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  1. the past, present and future tense the verbe "to be".
    past: per1: What were you doing yesterday? per2: I be chillin, mah homie. present: per1: what are you doing? per2: i be chillin, yo. future: per1: what will you do tomorrow? per2: i be bustin a cap in yo ass if you be assin me mo questions, bistchniz!
  2. Ebonics for am/are/is.
    You be trippin' (translation: You're acting weird!)!
  3. A term used in most expansion communities for Breast Expansion, one of the more culturally accepted forms of body manipulation or expansion.
    "Woah, Wasn't she flat a day ago" "either she's padding herself, or she got BE'd"
  4. Another phrase for anal sex. Usually connotes a situation in which the male wants to have vaginal sex, while the female insists on anal.
    Guy #1: Yo did you tap that pussy last night? Guy #2: well kinda, she B E'd me. Guy #1: You and everyone else bro.
  5. The state of being. Often used to replace "is" "are" "am" "someone's name" "the deffinite article" "the indefinite article" and in most cases, used to replace just about any verb.
    "ya all be bullshit !" "yo, he be..." followed with hand gestures or other miming techniques.
  6. Represents something happening in the past, present, and/or future. Used to describe not necessarily one tense, but all three at the same time, using one word.
    My son be [trippin']! He was trippin' then, he's trippin' now, and he'll be trippin' later too.
  7. A person, situation or object that is considered to be doing nothing but simply existing or 'being' (to be completely pure and relaxed). Derived from the sentence 'I am be' which was intended to be a bastardization of the shortest sentence in the English language, 'I am'.
    "Yo, how you doin'?" "I'm be."
  8. A smiley face that became popular amongst players of the first person shooter video games QuakeWorld and CPMA, particularly the Australian QuakeWorld players. It became more than just a smiley, and can be used in a number of contexts. A variation is the V-ism Be, identified by the 4 B's but only 1 e. This is named after V-ism, a fighting style in Street Fighter Alpha 3.
    Be G'day! Be What do you think of that car? Be BBBBe
  9. BE - 'Break Even" is the score a player needs to get to stay the same value. If a player has a BE of 40 and scores higher than 40 he will increase in value, if he scores less than 40 he will decresase. To work out a players BE you use a formula. At the start of the season the formula was Players Value / 6425 x 2 (-minus last 2 scores) The value 6425 changes from week to week but seems to be around the 6200 mark at the moment.
    How much will gallen and smith drop to next week? trying to work out if I buy gallen or harrison! I need the BE !
  10. to exist
    Isn't it lovely to be alive? Isn't it lovely to exist?