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  • Check.

  • Chess is a game of unlimited beauty,

  • but it's not just checks and attacks.

  • You have to be creative.

  • I'm here to share with you my knowledge of the game of chess.

  • But I'm trying to come up with the comprehensive picture that

  • will be helpful for you to become a better chess

  • player, and even a better decision-maker.

  • Let's call it.

  • king g5, king c2, king f6, king b3, king e7, king c4, king d6,

  • king b5, king c7, king a6.

  • Boom!

  • White lost, yes?

  • Queen takes, then knight f5, and it's a double attack.

  • Skewer and attraction, and it's mate.

  • Quite an amazing mate.

  • How can we prevent this rook from stopping our pawn?

  • Let's pause, stop the video, and think.

  • You have time to find this winning combination.

  • Did you see that

  • your bishop was hanging there?

  • But, then you have knight c5.

  • No, I didn't see that line.

  • That's interesting.

  • So you attack my bishop, then you protect your bishop.

  • Right.

  • So let's go back, and see whether we can improve,

  • and what's the next logical moves.

  • It's about coming up with new ideas,

  • challenging your own excellence.

  • Find your mistakes.

  • Next time, you have to do better.

  • I've been thinking about a few ideas that I never used.

  • The one I want to show, it's another sacrifice.

  • I like sacrifices.

  • And it's one of my favorite openings.

  • So just let's have a look.

  • We cannot waste time.

  • Time is precious.

  • If you don't feel that the game can unleash

  • your creative potential, then you're

  • already on the losing side.

  • It's not about winning or losing, but, of course,

  • at the end of the day, it's about winning or losing.

  • I'm Garry Kasparov.

  • And this is my MasterClass.



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ガーリー・カスパロフがチェスを教える|公式予告編|MasterClass (Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess | Official Trailer | MasterClass)

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