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  • First time I saw a poker game was in a barber shop when I was

  • 8-years-old.

  • And I asked my grandfather--

  • I said, what were they doing?

  • He said, they were playing poker.

  • I was hooked ever since.

  • [MUSIC]

  • Ivey shoves the river.

  • Got a trick or two up his sleeve.

  • Very intimidating glare and a little smirk.

  • Welcome to Ivey's world.

  • [MUSIC]

  • You'd just love to get inside his head for five minutes.

  • [MUSIC]

  • To Paul Jackson, he has a very famous hand in poker.

  • I had queen, 8, he had 5, 6, and the flop was jack, jack, 7.

  • And I bet.

  • He raised me.

  • I re-raised him.

  • Both guys with nothing.

  • Key point was when I asked him how much chips he had.

  • $360.

  • The way he answered it made me pretty confident he

  • didn't have anything.

  • All in.

  • What?

  • It's just mind-blowing what we just witnessed from Phil Ivey.

  • I come from a generation where the good players

  • knew talking about a hand or helping someone to improve

  • was a big no-no.

  • But maybe it's time that I share my keys for success.

  • I'm Phil Ivey, and this is my MasterClass.

  • [MUSIC]

First time I saw a poker game was in a barber shop when I was


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フィル・アイヴィーが教えるポーカー攻略法|公式予告編|マスタークラス (Phil Ivey Teaches Poker Strategy | Official Trailer | MasterClass)

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