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with two weeks left to go in our winter spring season, we welcome viewers worldwide to a new edition of CNN 10 to rival countries on opposite sides of the world are speaking out against each other, but they're also both saying they don't want to go to war in the United States.
There's a meeting scheduled for Tuesday between the Trump administration and members of the U.
S Senate, the subject.
The Middle Eastern country of Iran.
In recent weeks, the U.
S has suggested that Iran may be planning attacks on Americans in the Middle East.
Iran has denied that, but both nations have ramped up their criticism of each other since last year, when the U.
Withdrew from an international nuclear deal with Iran.
Over the past week, there been some suspicious events taking place in the Middle East.
There was the apparent sabotage of four oil carrying ships near the United Arab Emirates.
There was a drone attack on an oil pipeline near the Strait of Hormuz.
It hasn't been proven who's responsible, but Saudi Arabia blames a group supported by Iran for targeting the pipeline.
Separately, U.
S officials say their intelligence indicates Iran might be putting missiles on small boats in the Persian Gulf.
That body of water is on Iran's southern border.
An American aircraft carrier battle group has been deployed to the region.
American bomber planes and defense missiles have been sent there.
American staff members have been told to leave the U.
Embassy in Iraq.
That's on Iran's western border.
Still, with all this going on, Iran's supreme leader has said there will be no war, and its foreign minister added that no country is quote under the illusion of being able to fight Iran.
At the White House.
When U.
President Donald Trump was recently asked about the possibility of war with Iran, he said, Quote, I hope not.
But he later tweeted.
If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran.
Never threatened the United States again.
10 seconds Trivia.
Which of these grocery store chains was founded as the Great Western tea company in 18 83 Kroger, Albertsons, Public's or Trader Joe's Great Western tea company, was run by Barney Kroger, whose name was on his stores by 1902 It's not the biggest grocery chain in America.
You'll find out in a moment which one is.
But all chains are dealing with some similar challenges in a changing world.
Consumers are doing more shopping online that includes groceries.
More people are looking for home delivery and dollar stores and drugstores air trying their hand at selling groceries.
So the competition is fierce and profit margins the money stores make on groceries are small.
This doesn't mean that everyone struggling, but smaller chains are feeling the pinch.
America's grocery shopping habits are changing, and right now the biggest winners and groceries aren't necessarily the change you'd expect for Wal Mart.
Groceries, air, huge business.
They make up more than half of WalMart sales chain is focused on lowering prices and building out its grocery delivery and store pick up options.
That service could generate $35 billion annually for the industry by 2020.
But it's not just big names.
Dominating in grocery German discount grocery chain all day is courting shoppers with super low prices, small stores and its own quality brands.
Case in point.
About 90% of the products all the cells or private label.
The grocery chain is more than 1800 stores today, and plants add 700 more by the end of 2022.
That would make it the country's third largest grocery chain, behind Wal Mart and Kroger.
But for the company that can deliver you almost anything almost any time, Grocery has proved a tough business to crack Amazon about Whole Foods.
Back in 2017 for close to $14 billion the tech giant quickly lowered prices and gave sweet discounts to prime members.
It was all part of the plan to get rid of Whole Foods whole paycheck image, but it wasn't enough.
Amazons, 100 million U.
Prime members haven't flocked to Whole Foods these days.
Shoppers have a lot of other options for buying organic, so Amazon is lowering prices again.
Some other competitors, like Kroger, are learning from the discount chains and adding more private label products.
But the new leaders and grocery have spelled trouble for smaller regional supermarket chains.
In the end, the chains coming out on top with one's promising, no frills brick and mortar convenience and rock bottom prices way believe that robots should be put to work.
His service operators on the first place to start is where people are hanging hundreds of feet in the air.
Scott and Robotics.
We have a robot that cleans windows.
So if we look at a 40 floor building that has roughly 300,000 square feet of window surface to be cleaned, it would take a standard work today roughly two and 1/2 months of actual work to clean on with Osmo on just two supervisors waken do that same working aboutthe robot actually Max the building in three D as it approaches the buildings.
Every obstacle that it might have, like a head bobbing out the window, a window opening that robot will self correct and move around it.
So it's not break a window.
How does it know somebody's sticking their head out?
Well, it has computer vision and touch sensors so it can see and feel.
I think the first thing people think of when they see this type of system is automation is coming for our jobs, and this probably seems like the perfect example of that.
People who probably don't make high wages cleaning these buildings.
They're gonna be replaced by this robot.
Well, I think eventually society mankind will be replacing dangerous jobs because it doesn't make sense for people to be risking their lives from where we stand.
When we look at the job, we are automating.
It makes perfect sense for us to put the person in a safe position supervising the robots, and that the robots dangled hundreds of feet in the air.
Nominations are open for 2019 CNN heroes, everyday folks making a difference in their community, their region, maybe the world.
You can find out more about it at CNN dot com slash heroes.
The top 10 heroes of 2019 will be announced late this year.
Today we're featuring the work of two finalists from 2018 who work together to change the life of a girl in Peru.
Last December, viewers were inspired by 10 remarkable people who were honored at cnnheroes, an all star tribute that night also inspired to CNN heroes to join forces.
Amanda, Box Tell, provides high tech physical therapy to patients with mobility issues on Ricardo Poon.
John, who was named the CNN hero of the year, provides free housing and support for sick Children and their families while they receive medical treatment.
When a man to discover that one of the kids in Ricardo's program named Eliska needed a wheelchair.
She wanted to help.
He sent me a little video of a little girl who's eight years old, named, um Esca, and she can't talk and she can't walk.
She has cerebral palsy and she was in a stroke.
She's been in a stroll of whole life.
It's time, don't you think?
For Gotta have a wheelchair to call her?
I needed to find the perfect wheelchair.
That could really be a match for her body.
So it got a head rest, and we've got an adjustable foot rest.
We've got little side guards to keep her body straight and upright.
I had a seamstress.
So some butterflies on it.
Why not?
Because, you know, it's about freedom and flying.
And Dyleski is gonna have that At their nonprofit training in Los Angeles, Amanda gave the wheelchair to Ricardo Way this reclines.
Whoa, isn't that cool?
And this can go around her neck So little head doesn't fall.
Yeah, waken strap her in here.
Way had to think of everything because you know she's gonna grow with this wheelchair.
You've got a lot to take back to Peru this chair is intensity so happy.
And when Ricardo returned to Peru with a personalized wheelchair, Valeska was overjoyed.
With this, you will chair in with her surgery.
She's gonna have a better life power of to Cnnheroes working together to change lives.
If you have a fear of heights, you may wanna look away because we're stepping out onto what's said to be the longest suspension bridge in North America.
It's called the Skybridge.
It just opened in Tennessee.
It's about the length of two football fields across, and at its highest point.
It has a glass bottom so you can see exactly what's 140 feet under your feet.
You actually have to take a chair lift to get to the sky bridge.
So if you're more acrophobic than acrobatic, your senses are more frightened than heightened.
You'd rather be walking on home than walking on air, and you'd rather play go fish instead of bridge.
This may be a bridge too far, but for Luke and the rest of us, Skywalker's We love spans that leave us in suspense.


Challenges Facing Modern Grocery Chains | May 20, 2019

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