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an eerily quiet Times Square, the latest reminder that life today is different and will be for some time.
A new curfew for New Jersey, beginning tonight as the tri state area and acts a joint plan to close many businesses at 8 p.m. Movie theaters, gyms and casinos will be closed indefinitely.
Bars and restaurants across the country limited to take out We really need a federal coordinated response.
But at least governors and local officials are taking matters into their own hands.
Starbucks also adopting to go on Lee policy, as the CDC recommends all in person gatherings include less than 50 people for the next eight weeks.
Rhode Island Limiting that two just 25 people.
The surgeon general warning decisions made today will determine much of what happens tomorrow.
We have a choice to make.
Do we want to really lean into social distancing and mitigation strategies and flatten the curve?
Or do we just want to keep going on with business as usual and end up being Italy For millions of families starting the week with Children at home, it is far from business as usual.
Parents learning to teach while also trying to work, as others wonder when and if their jobs will return.
We've informed the superintendent's while we've closed schools for three weeks, that the odds are that you know this is gonna go on a lot longer, and it would not surprise me at all if schools did not open again this year.
Life on hold Nearly every industry bracing Walmart cutting back hours to give stores a chance to restock the shelves while markets ration some of the most sought after items.
Were you able to get everything that you needed this morning?
Most doctors increasingly concerned about their own supplies and their colleagues.
I think we need to expect things.
You're going to get worse before they get better.


New Reality Is Setting In

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