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  • I was first license and cosmetology at the age of 17.

  • I'm a child of the eighties where here was kind of wild, so that was just exciting to me.

  • I'm Melinda Williams.

  • For the past 40 years, I've been running my own salon in teaching cosmetology at Madison Adult Career Center.

  • Okay, were you gonna do with time?

  • Some years back, we had an auto plant.

  • Close way had a lot of clients that were transferred out of Town Way also had clients that stayed in the area but couldn't afford to get beauty.

  • Service is done way did lose business.

  • So I thought, it's time to shift gears and do something else.

  • I've always loved computers So a lot of my colleagues would come to be where they had a question about I t.

  • My school partners with our local community college and my assistant director and for me that they had a grant for the Google I T certificate program, and she thought that I would be interested.

  • Everything I learned was knew everything.

  • I was just taking my first bite of the sandwich every time I learned about security, about infrastructure, how to count the dietary didn't know that how to take care of one computer and then kind of take care of a fleet of computers.

  • I didn't feel like me.

  • And this is for people who already know something.

  • It took me step by step, finding a cause critical concept in I t support.

  • Wherever I had my phone, my laptop, I could squeeze in a few minutes of studying.

  • I'll be up in bed with my computer.

  • My husband's like, Isn't that ruling I'm like, No, I'm interested.

  • It's like a good book.

  • I wanted to kind of see how that portion was gonna end.

  • I completed the Google I T certificate program in five months.

  • Pat myself on the back.

  • I got to about the third course, and I'm like, you know, probably could do this for a living.

  • I started to search jobs and earning potential.

  • I had no idea how many jobs that were a 19 and they pay very well.

  • For years I've had multiple jobs, so it will be nice to streamline things and have more time for my family.

  • World changes, things change.

  • I was cleaning up the other day and I was throwing away old this from our first computer.

  • You know, those little floppy this nobody's.

  • But I thought floppy.

  • This were cool back then.

  • So if I weren't a lifelong learner, I'd still be stuck like that.

  • Floppy disks.

  • I believe it's never too late to go in a new direction, and I think I t is my thing.

I was first license and cosmetology at the age of 17.


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メリンダ・ウィリアムズITサポートスペシャリストを目指す (Melinda Williams: Aspiring IT Support Specialist)

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