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  • another week, another huge product problems.

  • And let's kick things off this week by diving headfirst into the touchy topic of cloning feel.

  • It's a hot political issue at the moment after Catholic Cardinal George Pell threatened Catholic MPs voting to remove a ban on therapeutic cloning, suggesting that they shouldn't receive communion.

  • Yes, he's not wild about any form of cloning, Big George.

  • I'll be honest.

  • I think it's a bit close minded on the issue.

  • I mean, sure, you might not wanna Kline.

  • Everyone wouldn't.

  • It will be better off with multiple George pills.

  • Archbishop, We think you should be in favor of climbing.

  • It's the only thing to feel appears of the church.

  • Please look, we can help you put pressure on the politicians.

  • There's more of us will fill the pews.

  • Enough pills to go around the world finally run away Your news.

  • A pill for every church.

  • Please come on stepping with Where's the line?

another week, another huge product problems.


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ジョージ・ペルのクローニング (Cloning George Pell)

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