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  • You're so naked.

  • No.

  • Hello and welcome Thio Casting Couch.

  • Could you please state your name and age?

  • David 69.

  • It looks like I'm holding you as a sex prisoner.

  • Do you support thistles, David, for those you don't know my lovely boyfriend and he Oh, God, that sounds too lovey.

  • W I am an independent woman.

  • Okay?

  • This is my boyfriend David, who never wears a shirt.

  • Apparently used.

  • He's actually the reason that I decided to do this video.

  • I mean, other than Amber Chamberlain, Just you and Emma Chamberlain, my name to influences in life and my main true love.

  • So David got me to read this book Digital Minimalism.

  • And he was actually the reason that I kind of go on the whole, minimize your phone usage type of thing.

  • You lost, like, a lot of time in your life to kind of technology slash social media addiction.

  • So I guess growing up, my family never really had an emphasis on the outdoors or sports or just anything outside.

  • Really?

  • So my quality time was spent eating there, watching TV, watching movies, And then when I wasn't with my parents watching stuff, I was playing video games, My room.

  • So from a very young age, like the formative years I was playing video games or watching TV, that kind of continue through high school.

  • And then when I got a phone, it just became, Oh, Now, instead of having Thio, wait till I'm home to play video games or watch TV, I can be distracting myself constantly, and it really wasn't really big on Instagram Facebook when I started out.

  • But I was always, you know, unfortunately into Reddit.

  • Every boy date is really interested.

  • I don't know why.

  • So that's a really big time, suckers.

  • Well, you know, I was pretty addicted to all forms was recently.

  • I haven't played video games lately, but I don't think my screen time has been reduced.

  • I'm a little busy with work now, but when I'm not, I'm really just all my phone.

  • Still read it YouTube Instagram.

  • I just recently unsolved credit and instagram because I felt like those weren't positively impacted my life at all, and I still feel like YouTube has a little bit of value, though haven't cut it out yet.

  • Maybe I will.

  • One day.

  • Who knows?

  • The question was, how has that affected my life, and I think just my potential has been severely on tap.

  • I really do see the benefits.

  • There's a lot of things that I'd be that I wouldn't know or I wouldn't be able to do without technology like it's really shape my worldview in a positive way.

  • I've been able to connect with people like there's there's a lot of good that's come out of it jerk off God, I didn't even touch him.

  • How much have you ever felt like you actually have a porn addiction?

  • I feel like most guys do.

  • I wonder what it was like to grow a visit as a male.

  • And you know, nog before even Playboy, you know, because I feel like male sexuality has really evolved since the advent of photography, Right?

  • You know, you hear about here about like kids from like the fifties, like stealing their dad's playboys and whatever, so that kind of changed a little bit.

  • But now it's like at the touch of a mouse or a phone or whatever.

  • From the age of 13 you can see whatever you want, whatever you want, which I feel like it's kind of cool because it lets you figure out what you like in a Safeway.

  • If you're getting like that's probably super empowering.

  • It's also like fuck onboard.

  • I was gonna jack off and I use my imagination.

  • I just You're a lot like that.

  • Kinky, though.

  • Did you ever experience, like porn drift where you have to watch, like, more niche and like, kinky stuff in order to get off?

  • I wouldn't say Had Thio just say did of curiosity like the related just kind of took me down a rabbit hole a few times and I'm like, What?

  • Sometimes I've been bored.

  • It don't even really cause I'm horny.

  • It's just like you know what would be interesting toe like watch some interesting porn right now and like, See what it does to me, which is kind of a fucked up relationship you have with your sexuality, like never before have you watching pregnant visions.

  • I feel like it is a real addiction.

  • I don't think addictions have to be.

  • You have to be chemically dependent to be addicted.

  • I feel like, yeah, heroin, all those air addictions in their own right.

  • But you know, the way our brains are rewired by phones.

  • The way our dopamine circuits react to that stimulus.

  • It is a chemical addiction, just a different type.

  • You know, if we're without technology, we're not gonna dot or we're not gonna be unable to eat food or anything, right, Like it's not having that sort of effect on.

  • Our body is much more of a psychological addiction, I guess.

  • But it is 100% real there sometimes where I will be laying in bed and I need toe.

  • I watched me running into, like, I just don't want to be alone with my thoughts.

  • And I feel like I feel like that's something that people in the past, a lot better with was being bored or thinking or not thinking.

  • And I think that's kind of going away.

  • So from seeing like this is the effect it's had on you, I would be really cool toe take a week without my phone or maybe even a month.

  • It's a little difficult because I have work.

  • I really need to buy a laptop before even start the experiment so I could, you know, message client's email.

  • You do work stuff, but I think that would be the other.

  • Nice thing is work stays like When my laptop is open, I'll be working and that's it.

  • I won't have like, just like Oh, you know, I could do right now.

  • Check my work.

  • Email me all day, every day.

  • Cool.

  • Thanks for election.

  • Thanks for listening to marry.

You're so naked.


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