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  • to hear you knocking at my door.

  • Because if I could see a wall of face once more there I could die for sure When you said inside a little bit is in bed alone with you.

  • But it is you.

  • Hey, my like, Thank you, Vania.

  • Wouldn't my bottom Moya out Super super cool from the moment I ever want to.

  • Xenia, get the engine of noise, Jack McCreedy till now bottom The crime so hard being a question, Erin and tactical command Liv Mexicans on acoustic.

  • You need this guy?

  • Didn't even Herculean Hill Erlich trifle Come on in, baby here often to fool the Adam Net.

  • Needed a neighborhood shots and better doc take from him, etcetera.

  • Lady might continue net and tell him I made a date.

  • Oh, hey, But over in the digger, just about harm insects, not Piccolo act.

  • Or does that mean for more on that vessel?

  • Gotta lie then appeared evasive on Emma Bill and from Annie Oakley aggravates me back and that he's okay.

  • It's funny Little incomes Diver, the blouse.

  • Thank you, Theo.

  • Final just sinking hills over.

  • And yet come.

  • He'll feel meant just them.

  • 1/4 to when you can feel me a little singing on an Indian teacher.

  • And you see, I love radio Terry for fabricating make you help me.

  • Wainwright.

  • Is Dink slutty?

  • Back Val's bacon.

  • And who is it?

to hear you knocking at my door.


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Lauren - 'All I Want' ブラインドオーディション|ザ・ヴォイスキッズ|VTM (Lauren - 'All I Want' | Blind Auditions | The Voice Kids | VTM)

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