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  • I'm six.

  • Any news?

  • Senior business editor Mike Apple.

  • We had the market's rising to records again today.

  • TSX testing its all time high for 1/3 consecutive session, closing in on 18,000 underlying boost to the markets today coming out of China with the government, they're pledging support for businesses struggling under the weight off the Corona virus.

  • The economy there has been hard done by by the risk of that spreading illness, and a lot of businesses have been closed to the central bank will likely step in prospects of economic stimulus filtering through to the equity markets globally.

  • We saw markets rise in Europe and on Wall Street and on Bay Street.

  • Today also gave a lift to the price for oil, which jumped north of $52 per barrel on the expectation.

  • If you add stimulus, that'll raise demand for oil specifically in China, where it has been dropping substantially of late.

  • Tim Hortons today rolling up the rim announcing the plan to relaunch that promotion 35th year coming up starting March 11th they're going to do it sort of in two phases over a five, a four week time frame, the 1st 2 weeks will feature the traditional roll up the rim coffee cups van in shifts more to a digital or APP based, a promotional platform.

  • Important is looking to reduce the number of actual coffee cups in circulation because in most cases municipalities can't recycle them.

  • They're also going to be giving away all sorts off reusable cups on March 10th again to shift away to a more environmentally sustainable promotional platform.

  • We saw the latest gauge on the cost of living today for Canadian consumers on the rise in January.

  • Headline inflation rate 2.4% year over year, fueled by rising prices for clothing, gasoline and vegetables.

  • You take out the gasoline and vegetable component, then you've got an inflation rate in and around 2% which is the target for the Bank of Canada.

  • Some analysts figuring that as inflation maybe cools a little bit in the spring and you've got other factors in the economy slowing what with now the overhang of the CN rail blockade.

  • All of this could set the stage for the Bank of Canada to maybe ease up on interest rates sometime in the next few months and another embarrassment for the Boeing Company as those 7 37 max jets sit idle, waiting for re approval or re certification by the Federal Aviation Ministry.

  • They're going over the Plains just to make sure they're in working order.

  • And they're discovering some of the new planes off the production line had debris, foreign debris and the gas tanks.

  • Company executives, saying this is a completely unacceptable will clean that out.

  • It's not a safety risk, but just another issue for bowing to deal with.

  • For those 7 37 max jets from the 6 80 newsroom, I'm Mike Apple for City News.

I'm six.


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