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  • have you its route here from tax work.

  • Thank you for watching your well, you off around the world and again in today's video, we are talking about tax.

  • It's time to look about that topic.

  • One of my favorite topics.

  • Um, so yeah.

  • Welcome, Welcome.

  • Welcome over where you're on the world used to Check this out and speak professional in your country.

  • We may be able to help you with that.

  • What I do my whole job is based on speeding up the process.

  • I find the best solutions introduce you to the right account for my team.

  • And I make sure that that working very speedily to get everything done for you myself, my team, I really, really passionate about helping certain people on directors of companies in I t and technology, especially to save money on this area.

  • So again, the government seems to be coming for the I T contractors.

  • I don't know what, but we're here as your swords and shields to just kind of guy.

  • You make sure you have all the information.

  • That's the purpose of this video.

  • So I'm gonna keep it really short again.

  • There was another change affecting contractors and contractors, as well as other self employed people on other self employed people in other industries.

  • So why don't you just make sure that if you know what I have 35 the next wasn't There's a change.

  • Basically, so I identified is the way that it's the rules that govern If you're independent contractor or if you should be on payroll.

  • And if you should be paying more tax basically through your employer and do your job, so probably have questions about that.

  • Just email me.

  • Ruth at top swept home probably would go into that in more detail.

  • What do you want to focus on?

  • Is the change in today's video.

  • So I'm gonna read a few of the key facts that I've got some reason that were basically helping clients right now just to make sure that you're in the know.

  • Yeah, well, your doctor, right?

  • So from April 2017 there was not a change which basically, before it was really down to the seven point person to make sure that they have their taxes in order to make sure they're registered in order.

  • That could Okay, so that was basically meaning that the individual I would have to control how their working hours make sure that they have everything registered, miss your registry and paying your taxes up.

  • So it was really their responsibility before.

  • But now, in the public sector vessel that is in the public sector, it falls on the public sector bodies who hire contractors.

  • So nothing's changed private sector yet, but I'm gonna come back to that.

  • So in her public sector in the UK, new rules are saying that basically, it's really likely they're going to introduce a digital tool.

  • Okay, so they have a weapon age where the public bodies have to go and Regis, they have to let you wantto tell me to Marcie there to let them know that these people are working as contractors.

  • Okay, so then they can check the status that I 35 that So really, this does not affect you so much if you're not in the public sector or you're not contracting for public sector.

  • However, what I really want to advise is that even if it if he doesn't make you right now, just be aware and make sure you have all of your You're not just your taxes What about one of your contacts with the lawyers?

  • If you are the director of a company, a private company.

  • Then again, you wanna make sure really creative high employing people, high paying them, checking that that'll they're registered in doing old Britney because your child is Are they gonna roll this out to the private sector?

  • So for now, it's good.

  • It's the public sector.

  • But in the future, the charges are really likely that they're gonna rule this out to the private sector as well.

  • Meaning that private companies, when you're working with contractors when employing people, you will also be responsible for ensuring that all up today to have everything that they have.

  • Oil taxes in a road actually protecting yourself on then from.

  • So I heard a trouble to you.

  • Any questions?

  • Drop it into the comments somewhere Only 10 or Facebook on Instagram.

  • You can reach me.

  • You can also find me on Twitter.

  • So like what?

  • I want video.

  • Any questions?

  • I'll look important from you really soon when I was you again.

  • Next time was more tax off dates.

have you its route here from tax work.


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