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  • over.

  • First of all, a terrific victory.

  • How much did you have to dig deep into your well off character and also energy off the week?

  • You bad?

  • Yeah, It was a tough week.

  • And it was hard today too, to find some Henna ji at the end of the week.

  • But we did it.

  • I think everybody is doing well and giving more than 100% to win this game.

  • But did you feel that you were hanging on a bit in the second half?

  • Yeah.

  • I think you could see that That our power was was at the end here we we were fighting.

  • I think when you see all the faces when you see how about blowing, you can see how much he was running and everybody was Yeah, I was happy after after this game because this game, because we deserve this after this tough week.

  • And we have to keep going like this.

  • Your goals were hugely, Paul.

  • Of course, over.

  • But how about the saves?

  • Several saves the bird made second half.

  • Yeah.

  • We always happy to have him.

  • You know, Theseventies couple of times had the right moment so way are really happy to have him, and we're proud of him.

  • And yeah, we know that we can count on him.

  • That's that's always good for for us.

  • Then he give us some energy more energy, toe to push and to give everything.

  • Thankfully, it doesn't matter now.

  • But Everton second goal.

  • Could you have done anything about it?

  • It is.

  • Come on.

  • Awkward height.

  • Yeah, Maybe I could mind my starting position could be higher, but, um, you know the goalkeeper's?

  • It goes always very quick.

  • And yeah, I think it was very unlucky from me and a little bit lucky from I think which charges in but at the end Doesn't matter.

  • We want this game and yeah, that's the most important thing over your two girls.

  • Once again, your movement a big factor.

  • But how good was that ball from Deborah Louise for the first great ball.

  • And you're when I when I saw his face, it was, uh he was always saying he was committed to commitment.

  • We say OK, doesn't matter.

  • He was with the ball.

  • It was with the ball and yeah, I just I just run through the difference.

  • And then I was one against one Yeah, I love this.

  • What's the perfect illustration?

  • You don't actually speak, But you know exactly what he was going to do.

  • And he knew what?

  • You were gonna do it.

  • Hey, I hear that also as well.

  • How much were you caught?

  • Perhaps in the second half.

  • Not sure at three top.

  • Do you go for the fourth goal?

  • Or do you hang on to what you've got?

  • We almost caught in two minds.

  • Yeah, I think we try toe have some some some actions to score goals, but I think the most important was to not They cannot ago.

  • So we were defending with with our oh, everything with the hearts off.

  • Yeah, that's it.

  • Okay.

  • Lastly, another to future.

  • You're closing in night Magic 50 for arsenal.

  • What we mean when you eventually get there your cozy and all that magic.

  • 50 goals.

  • What made you finally get there?

  • Yeah, I'm just happy.

  • Always happy to scoring goals.

  • And I have to thank my teammates always, but you put a superb second half display, but you've just been picked to mount a match by over back to do the owners and handed over to him.

  • Please.

  • I like the O Player outstanding player.

  • And we're very happy that we have him in the team.

  • And, uh, yeah.

  • Luckily, he plays no far for my team before in Dartmouth.

  • Formal.

  • Wear your friends now?

  • Yeah.



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