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  • Hi, guys. It's Alejandra. And I'm about to head to the beach for the weekend. It's like

  • the first mini vacation of the summer so I'm so excited. Ed and I are going with another

  • couple of friends so it's going to be a nice just relaxing weekend.

  • So anyways, I was about to start packing and I came to the guest room closet which is right

  • behind me to grab my duffel bag and cosmetic and I figured, I haven't really done like

  • a travel organizing video. So this is just going to be a very quick tip on how to store

  • your luggage because luggage tends to be so bulky and it can be hard to store. So let

  • me just show you what works for me and maybe it will work for you.

  • OK. So this is my suitcase. This is my larger suitcase. Since it is plain black and the

  • majority of people have a black bag, I put really colorful luggage tags on the end so

  • I could find my bag faster at the airport. And then on the back of these tags, I forget

  • which ones it is, but on the back I have my address. And what I did was instead of writing

  • on this tag, I just took one of my sticker address labels and I just stuck it on and

  • just added my phone number. So it just makes it faster to add your address on here. But

  • these are really cute. These are from The Container Store and they have really cute

  • sayings.

  • So anyways, so let me show you what I store inside. So again, this is my big suitcase

  • that I use when I'm checking my luggage or going on like a really long trip. And then

  • inside my big suitcase is where I keep my smaller suitcase that I take for shorter trips

  • like three or four days or for trips where I'm going to bring a carry-on because this

  • is carry-on size.

  • OK. So inside my carry-on bag, I have my duffel bags. I had another one in here that I just

  • took it out. But this is a duffel bag that I use for like weekend getaways so I'm probably

  • going to bring this to the beach because it's nice. It's like the perfect size just for

  • enough stuff. So duffel bags go inside the carry-on bag. And then I have beach bags on

  • this side.

  • So this is more - this blue bag here, this is more of like - this could be a weekend

  • bag or a pool bag or a beach bag. It's like that nylon material that's waterproof so it

  • could go to the beach, which by the way, I know I've talked about this brand before but

  • Baggallini, can you guys see that brand? Baggallini is an awesome brand. Their bags are just like

  • waterproof, water-resistant. They have really nice zippers. I always talk about nice zippers

  • but this just like zips really nicely. And all of their bags are really fun, bright colors.

  • So if you love bright colors then you have to check out Baggallini.

  • All right. So what's inside of here? So inside of this pocket, I have my smaller bags, smaller

  • cosmetic bags. See, here's Baggallini again. My smaller cosmetic bags for like makeup,

  • hair accessories, what else do I put in these bags? Like medications, sometimes I'll fill

  • this with things and then I just bring it to the beach or the pool. So yeah, so I have

  • a bunch of those. This is another brand I like, LeSportsac. They have really good zippers

  • also and they have fun designs. So yeah, so this is all my cosmetic bags. This is a fun,

  • wild design.

  • OK. Then in the middle, I have - oh, this is another pool bag. This actually matches

  • this one. This is like the insert to the big one. So again, this is a pool bag or a beach

  • bag. And then over here, I have more like pool bags, beach bags, bags you bring to like

  • an amusement park like Kings Dominion or Busch Gardens. I like these bags because they're

  • water-resistant and you can just like throw them around. You don't have to be careful

  • on like spilling things or getting them dirty because they just wipe clean. See, this is

  • a LeSportsac also, just my favorite brands. Yeah, this is another like summer bag.

  • So I keep all of the bags that I use for summer inside of this big bag like I don't keep purses

  • in here that I wear year-round. This is just like summer vacation bags and travel bags.

  • OK. So the point of this video is to share with you guys not only how I store my luggage,

  • my suitcases, my duffel bags, my cosmetic bags, my travel bags, but to show you guys

  • how you can save space if you store things together like nested inside of each other.

  • If I stored like the pink suitcase outside the black suitcase and all the bags outside

  • of the suitcases, it would double the amount of storage space I would need.

  • But if I kind of store like the smaller things inside of the medium things and the medium

  • things inside of the larger things, it's going to save a lot more space. So again, I have

  • the largest check bag then the carry-on bag and then the weekend getaway duffel bags.

  • And then inside there, you have the smallest cosmetic bags. So everything just fits perfectly

  • inside of each other when you organize it by size.

  • So anyways, I hope this tip was helpful to you guys. If you store your luggage in a different

  • manner instead of like not nested inside of each other and you want to share your tips

  • or advice with us, leave a comment below or create a video response and show us exactly

  • what you do.

  • I'm going to grab my duffel bag, pack, and head to the beach for the weekend. I will

  • see you guys soon. Bye! 2

Hi, guys. It's Alejandra. And I'm about to head to the beach for the weekend. It's like


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