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  • forgive me, please.

  • Me and I feel just go like star.

  • My brother's got that guessing.

  • They always be smoking fucking with me calling for no Rosie and show them the shot.

  • When my homies pull up on your back, they make that switch.

  • My whip came back in black.

  • I started saying recipes don't be blowing smoke.

  • She has me light a fire.

  • Dr.

  • Fuller stays really?

  • My fucking show in a shit was legendary door TV I know we know what I'm cooking on the table Look upon Don't give a damn Don't govern Ezo Just trying to get a saying I'm with not a fucking trying to grab a booth I've been forgetting, hosing, popping policeman I feel just like a rock star My brother's got that guessing They always be smoking Stop fucking with me calling for nosey And show them the way that I've been in the hills Fucking superstars Feeling like a pop star making any bad jumping in the pool and bang I don't know, get back on track and not screaming.

  • Now I know why you got a tow car garage You only got see its cars I with cake How you kissed that Your wife?

  • He's saying I'm looking like a host.

  • Green Line is in my safe Go Rex beaches are What is that?

  • A coquette?

  • Like a rock star.

  • Smith on a cop car.

  • You know, you are not hard made a chart when I used to chop hard living like a rock star living like a rock star.

  • I'm a forgive those involvement policeman.

  • I feel just like a rock star.

  • My brother's got that guessing and they always be smoking.

  • Stop fucking with me for no Booth.

forgive me, please.


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ポスト・マローン - ロックスター (feat. 21 Savage) (Post Malone – Rockstar (feat. 21 Savage))

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