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  • We just completed a very informative meeting here at three.

  • Out, which is one more example of an American company that is stepping forward to respond to the Corona virus here in the United States.

  • And I I want to thank uh, Mike, Roman and especially I want to thank the Incredible Workforce here it at 3 a.m. In Minnesota and all over the country Uh, that literally more than a month ago, win the Corona virus first made news increase to full capacity.

  • Their production of what?

  • What will call respiratory mask the n 95 mask.

  • It is a great tribute to corporate citizenship, a great tribute to this workforce.

  • And Governor Waltz and I have talked about ways that we can ensure that the broadest range of their respiratory masks are available for patients and Justus, Importantly, for all of our dedicated health care workers across the country, we think there's work to be done.

  • Attn.

  • Present moment.

  • We learned today the surgical mask the end 95 is available for hospitals and they're producing roughly four million of those a month.

  • The spending bill that Congress approves today will make that continue thio be available but the balance of what they produce in our industrial and 95 masks that currently don't have protection under emergency provisions of the Law and Governor Waltz and I are gonna work with members of Congress to see if we can extend legal protections under the public health emergency that President Trump has declared to make it possible for for three M and other companies in this base to be able to sell both types of masks to be available, we have way have testing expanding around the country.

  • We know there will be more cases around America on President Trump on our team.

  • And I know Governor Wallace governors around the country absolutely committed to making sure that anyone who contracts the Corona virus and all the dedicated Americans that air providing medical service is have the protective gear and the weather be masks or gloves or eyewear.

  • And we're gonna be working with members of Congress to see if we can ensure that all of what three m creates here it's on 35 million mass a month could be available to our health care providers.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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We just completed a very informative meeting here at three.


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マイク・ペンスが3M工場を訪問 l ABCニュース (Mike Pence visits 3M plant l ABC News)

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