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It's 2:00 in the morning.
I just woke up, and I'm going to work out with Mark Wahlberg.
It is 10 to 3:00 in the morning, according to Mark Wahlberg's instagram schedule, he's praying right now.
He's praying right now.
And so am I, I'm praying he cancels.
I mean, I never seen these roads so quiet.
This is the most ridiculous thing ever.
I haven't seen one car on the journey here.
One car.
Isn't it nice and peace though?
When you get up?
I was more peaceful when I was flat asleep.
James: Is completely peaceful.
The work out is gonna suck, but you will feel great and
attack the rest of day. James: I want to go back to
lie down and these mats and home run stretch.
James: sure.
I can lie down.
Lying down is no problem.
This is just a getaway from your family you say I'm going to workout
and you lie down and have a snooze.
Is that it?
What are you dong here?
James: Being a normal person.
I don't even know if I'm still awake or if this is some sort of
weird dream.
Lying on the floor.
Mark Wahlberg.
I put of your schedule.
Is this for real? 2:30 am wake-up.
2:45, Prayer
When I got my 2:45 wake-up, I laid in the bed until 3:05.
When I got my 2:45 wake-up, I laid in the bed until 3:05.
I knew I wouldn't go back to sleep because I had to pee.
If you want to get in top. top shape.
I'll settle for like bottom, bottom shape.
I'll take bad shape.
You got to be ready.
There's whole a lot in front of you.
I'm must saying I'm not Mark Wahlberg.
I'll call they will come over provided it's before 5:00 P.M.
♪ ♪.
♪ ♪.
James: Cutting a rag.
Three, two, come on, more, one more, got to get, so zero.
One more.
What do you mean one more?
No one counts zero.
Now I feel like I'm in a boy band, and I enjoyed it.
We need music.
Rock your body.
♪ ♪.
♪ ♪.
There you go.
There you go.
James: Do you always workout in front of a cardboard?
James: Do you always workout in front of a cardboard?
That was so quick.
It was there.
Mark, what do you got? Made US some merch, me and
you, the 4:00 A.M club. You look more Jack than me.
Yes, I don't know what happened, I just told to the guy.
Imagine what I look like with my top off.
And, imagine what Mark looks like and they just did it.
♪ ♪.
♪ ♪.
Ha, ha, ha!
James: We got to go now.
This pretty much concludes the warm-up.
Now we got to start the workout. James: I'm done.
- I'll see you tomorrow. - Are you coming?
James: Yeah, I'll be here about midnight.
I get a couple hours in before you wake up.
The 4:00 A.M. club, James Corden out.
Make sure he doesn't throw up in my bathroom.


James Joins Mark Wahlberg's 4am Workout Club

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