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  • one day be a sickness one day at a medical nurse another day.

  • I'm a pediatric nurse, and other days I'm a pediatric psych nurse.

  • So my days I never seen.

  • But what does to the same is as basic ghost.

  • Always disease, but always exciting.

  • It's a very large.

  • We are a very fast pace, being able to take care of patients when they're at their sickness and most vulnerable.

  • Ian Nursing is awesome.

  • It is chaotic, but it is awesome.

  • Good job.

  • So you're gonna do a tag on the inside, a patient.

  • You're gonna do a tag on the outside.

  • We all work together to take care of patients.

  • It's not the doctor giving orders.

  • It's the nurse and the doctor working together to take care of you.

  • When something happens, all your team members, but they're somebody's right in.

  • Somebody's talking to patients up on the modern Doctors are right.

  • The teamwork is actually one of the best.

  • But I have to say that I have experiences Anders Okay, Yeah, it's a lot Sorry I was drawn to the emergency Anderson because I feel like I want to help people at them that time that he needed the most on.

  • I also realize that when I see the patient, they had their worse and they expect me to be a best.

  • Coming to work every day means that I'm gonna make a change somebody's life.

  • Um, and more importantly, for me, I've always wanted to be a resource or sources report Michael Workers.

  • I love what I do.

  • I feel very honored to work with educated, smart, motivated, hard working people.

  • What I do is something that I always aspired to dio.

  • I literally get to save people's lives.

  • I chose basic health because they had a number one in this region, a level one trauma center.

  • I chose basic because of its status of the magnet hospital and its status as a level one trauma center.

  • Um, and I just I wanted to challenge myself as the new grad nurse to come in, be able to say I succeeded in becoming a nurse in a Level one trauma center.

  • The amount of learning and growth that I have experienced here is incredible.

  • This is the place we love, what we do here, and we work very well together as a team and being a new person coming into this environment is gonna be coming under the wings of people who are very experienced and you're gonna be well welcomed.

  • And now we're in a great facility that we provide awesome care to people every day.

one day be a sickness one day at a medical nurse another day.


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卓越した救急部の看護 (Exceptional Emergency Department Nursing Care)

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