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Okay, so Corona Virus now has the official name of Cove.
It 19 Cove in 19 is a novel Corona virus that was first identified during an outbreak in late 2019 and Wuhan, China.
This Corona virus probably originated from an animal source, but now there is being spread from person to person transmission.
There's widespread transmission in China on gets spread to all other continents, with the exception of Antarctica.
But currently there's a very limited person to person transmission in the United States.
Most of the cases in the United States have been imported.
We expect this situation to change in the coming weeks.
Two months is where people become infected and a CZ the virus is transmitted.
But right now the risk of acquiring Corona virus in the United States is extremely low.
The best source of information on this is CDC dot gov.
The CDC is website.
This is a new virus, and we're still learning about it.
But it appears that it spread by droplets on what this means is if somebody in close proximity to you coughs or sneezes, you couldn't handle the droplets and get sick that way is probably also spread by contact, meaning that if somebody coughs or sneezes in their hand touches an object, you touch that object and then touch your face, your eyes, your mouth.
You could probably get sick that way as well.
The symptoms of Corona virus consists of cough, fever and shortness of breath.
Unfortunately, most people who contracted Corona virus will have a mild unless there are some people, especially older people or people with underlying, Dolan says, that are at higher risk for severe disease or respiratory distress.
The mortality rate with Corona viruses, about 1 to 2%.
There are some things you can prevent do to prevent getting Corona virus or any other respiratory illness, for that matter.
If you are sick, don't go to work.
Wash your hands frequently, especially after touching those high touch areas.
If you haven't washed your hands, avoid touching your eyes, your mouth, your face.
Cleaning these high touch areas, disinfecting, such as keyboards at work Um, cart handle at the grocery store.
Currently, though, the CDC does not recommend wearing masks in order to prevent getting sick on.
The exception would be if you are sick and have to go out, put a mask on to prevent spreading illness to other people.
Also remember that right now the flu is what sent her community, and the flu is what's killing people right now.
So by all means get your flu shot if you haven't gotten it already.
Um, if and when Corona virus does come to our community or if you come in contact with somebody who has Corona virus and you get sick with symptoms, there are some things that you should do that we recommend.
Stay home unless you need medical care to prevent spreading the illness to other people.
Separate your himself from other people in your house to keep them for getting sick.
Wash your hands and, um, disinfect those high touch areas and monitor your symptoms.
And if you do get sick on and feel that you need medical care, be sure and let your primary care provider whoever you see know that there is a Corona virus risk and they can put necessary measures in place to get you tested and treated without infecting other people, and we'll work with Department of Public Health and again keep in mind.


Coronavirus (COVID 19) Update from McLaren Northern Michigan

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