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  • Tubby's hometown that he is a Muskegon High School and M issue graduate and cruise again are out here continuing to try and recover his body.

  • They're up against the temperatures out here.

  • Out here is, well, a cz thes wave.

  • So we'll stay out here and bring you the latest as a mosquito cutting him.

  • Fox 17 News.

  • This is a fox 17 winter weather alert only snowy afternoon in Calhoun County.

  • As we take a live look this afternoon over Marshall Neurologist I, C s K is standing by in the weather center now with the first check of the forecast and how long the snow will be continuing.

  • Not a whole lot longer.

  • We've got probably another 3 to 4 hours in this advisory area that goes until 7 p.m. off for tonight.

  • We're talking mainly about the eastern counties in this advisory.

  • Like Ionia, Berry, Calhoun and Branch.

  • Once you get past 78 o'clock, even there looks like it's gonna be tapering off the radar right now, showing that we still have some snow going on mainly south and east of Grand Rapids.

  • Ah, few flurries between GR and Holland, also in parts of elegant county.

  • But the snow's still just have enough that there's some accumulation.

  • Their eyes We head to the southeast of GR Looks like the heaviest band is right in this region here from Hastings down to Kalamazoo.

  • So we'll circle this.

  • This means 1 31 and 94 abound.

  • Kellems, who could be kind of a slippery area as well as much of the Hastings areas.

  • We zoom on out a few flurries behind this system that we could see this evening.

  • But again, the accumulating snow should wrap up for most of us a little bit later this evening.

  • Currently 28th in Kalamazoo, 27 at Battle Creek, 29 in Grand Junction, and Three Rivers 29 Grand Rapids as well.

  • Currently 29 at Sparta, 33 at Spring Lake, 32 degrees have Muskegon right now and as we had northward, Baldwin, 30 Fremont, 31.

  • Big Rapids, 29 27 degrees up in pent water years.

  • Look at South Haven, where doesn't really appear to be snowing that much, of course, some ice there on the front of the camera, but you can see all the waves in the background there a sign of things to come with that wind picking up tonight, and especially for tomorrow, some lake effect still possible for tonight, especially west of 1 31 But it looks like pretty light stuff.

  • A CE faras major lake effect accumulation doesn't look like a whole lot, but we'll still take a look at that forecast for you and also tell you the seven day planner when we could expect highs in the forties that's coming up in a few minutes.

  • All right, I will look for that.

  • Thank you.

  • Concerns of the spread of the recent Corona virus continued to build, with US officials now saying that it's inevitable the virus will eventually spread to the U.

  • S.

  • R.

  • Michel Martin learning just how the concerns are already affecting people in Michigan and the rest of the country.

  • Michael had Janice Derek with no confirmed cases so far in Michigan.

  • The local impact is somewhat minimal at this point, but the concern over the potential for a disastrous situation is affecting people here in West Michigan, CDC saying.

  • As of today, they have identified just 14 confirmed cases of the virus in the United States, And while we have seen no confirmed cases here in the state, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Service is said this week that over 300 people are being monitored for the virus.

  • All of them have been screened by the state and found to be what they're referring to as medium risk.

  • That means that no one has been put into a quarantine facility, all of them just being asked to stay inside their home as much as possible.

  • Their local health departments tasked with checking in on them with a phone call every day can.

  • County does have one person under their watch.

  • At the moment, though, they say they're no longer showing symptoms.

  • Of course, as the case is being seen outside, China continued to increase.

  • Some are now speculating the outbreak could impact the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

  • Alex Rose, a discus store who we've spoke to before in Fox, 17 lives in Grand Rapids and competes on Team Samoa, says canceling the Olympics would be quite an unfortunate way to close out several years of intense training.

  • It's very scary.

  • Clearly no one wants to spend 4 to 8 years training for something every single day and then have that opportunity taken away.

  • So it's pretty terrifying, thinking that that's a real possibility.

  • It does seem like a very dangerous environment when you're combining all those factors and people from all over the place.

  • Um, honestly, the last thought on my mind is actually getting the virus when I'm over there.

  • I just want the opportunity to compete now.

  • President Trump scheduled to address the nation in just under two hours now that after Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer asked for $8.5 billion to combat the spread of the virus.

  • For now, though, live in the newsroom.

  • Michel Martin Fox, 17 minutes.

  • All right, Michael.

  • Thank you.

  • The state Health Department, an attorney general's office urging you to be on the lookout for scans involving Corona virus.

  • Potential scams include websites selling they think products as well as fabricated e mails, texts and social media post meant to steal your money and personal information.

  • The post might even include unproven treatment options and made up cases of the virus as a reminder.

  • Never click on links from sources you don't know and ignore online offers for vaccinations to file a complaint you can contact the G's office.

  • You confined that information on our website with the president and CEO of one of the country's largest Marathon says he, too was sexually abused by Dr Robert Anderson at the University of Michigan.

  • James Barr, a hall says Anderson performed an inappropriate act on him during a medical exam of the student health Center.

  • Back in 1975 barrel Hall, it was a medical student and now heads up the Honolulu Marathon.

  • He joined several others, accusing the late Dr of that sexual abuse.

  • Anderson was at U of M from 1966 until he retired in 2003 and died five years later in 2008 and was taken to the hospital after a house fire Muskegon County this morning Fire.

Tubby's hometown that he is a Muskegon High School and M issue graduate and cruise again are out here continuing to try and recover his body.


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