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(crowd murmuring)
- You know, I mean we're a not a boys club or a social club,
we're just a group of husbands, collectively waiting
for our wives in the Target parking lot.
(gentle music)
- I used to get so bored.
- Hours and hours of waiting in the car.
- I thought it would be a good idea one time
to go in with the wife.
Thought I could maybe scout out some camping gear,
something like that.
Just ended up holding her purse.
- Eventually I just started returning the carts,
just to stay busy, get a little exercise.
And then the Target management noticed and they offered
me a job.
They said I could work whenever my wife was shopping.
Last week I clocked 12 hours.
- Between 2015 and 2018, I actually completed my doctorate
online while waiting for my wife.
- Then one day everything changed.
I'm sitting in the car, it's been 63 minutes,
I'm furious, and then there's this knock on the window.
- Hey, got some new jerky, you want to try some?
- Charlie's beef jerky, yeah that was honestly
the start of our friendship.
- It didn't happen all at once.
- Honestly I don't remember how it started.
- Hank came along, and then this Myles guy
started parking closer to us, and then eventually
the group was just formed.
(upbeat music)
- What do we do here?
Well we toss the ball around, we play some cards,
a little gambling.
We have supper if it gets late enough.
- When Myles brought his grill, it changed everything.
- So got your standard grill setup
that everyone has, we got the coffee over here,
we got the beans about to go there.
Brats on the grill, it's lunchtime.
- One summer, we did a series of car washes,
and we actually raised enough money
to put a big screen in the back of Penn's van.
- [All] TV, TV, TV, TV.
- That was a good summer.
- For a while the kids were a little damper on the group,
but then we got a two car system going,
where each guy takes a 15 minute shift watching the kids
while the others just get to chill, hang out.
- Eventually we decided just to put a security camera
in the day care van, so we could keep an eye on the kids,
but also keep a full poker table.
- God.
- This will pay for my wife's Target run.
- Hey does somebody got eyes on the kids?
- Oh they're fine.
(rock music)
- You know honestly, I think this has saved my marriage.
My wife and I used to constantly fight about how much time
she was spending at Target.
But now, thanks to the group,
my marriage is stronger than ever.
- I clip coupons for her now, so we can head to Target
and I can hang out with the guys and she can do her thing,
whatever she does in there.
- Taylor, we gotta go, we gotta go.
- Oh come on, babe, five more minutes.
- No we gotta go right now.
- Just five more minutes.
- You guys have been in here all day.
- Pam, see the sale on the curtains?
- Saw it.
- They're really nice.
- They're real cute.
- Saw it, gotta go.
- I know it sounds crazy, but I look forward
to those throw pillows going on sale now.
Get to see my boys.
- Honey, we're coming tomorrow?
- Yeah they got a sale tomorrow,
you'll be here.
- We got a sale tomorrow.
Okay all right yeah I'll see you guys tomorrow.
- All right sounds good.
- See you guys tomorrow.
- I just hope it doesn't end with us.
- I would love to see Target husband groups
just formed all over the world.
- There's no reason for any husband to have to endure
a red tag sale alone.
(upbeat music)
- If you see another guy waiting for his wife,
just offer him some beef jerky,
let him know you're down to hang.
- Your best friend may be just two cars away.
(upbeat music)
- We have so much in common, we all have wives,
and they're all in there, somewhere.
- My name is Myles.
- My name is Penn.
- My name is Charlie.
- My name is Taylor, and I am a Target husband.
- And I'm a Target husband.
- And I'm a Target husband.
- And I'm a Target Husband.
(gentle music)
(upbeat music)
- [Man] Keep her movin'.
- [Woman] Oh you betcha, yeah.
- [Woman] Yeah.


Husbands of Target | Dude Dad

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