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  • hormonal thing that start happening.

  • It was great to use that that that energy that rush off energy into the whole thing, that there was this one that was one anywhere in this room, actually, Michael Gambon and Alan Rickman.

  • And I think I found so it was kind of coordinating it.

  • Thio a practical local make on for you beyond the whole of the hall is sleeping.

  • It was very good because he was a bunch of sleeping bags on Dan has us to have his sleeping bag next to this particular girl that he fancy for.

  • Now let him sleep.

  • We just want to take right.

  • We just finished the take.

  • I say ages together in our dreams, we enter completely our own world.

  • You know, it's completely our own world, and we liked it.

  • We like to swim in the deepest waters and fly.

  • They had put ah former thing into my sleeping back.

  • This cool echo on Michael Gambon had actually been pressing it during the take.

hormonal thing that start happening.


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A2 初級

アラン・リックマンとマイケル・ガンボンがダニエル・ラドクリフにイタズラ!? (Alan Rickman and Michael Gambon prank Daniel Radcliffe!)

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