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  • thing stinks.

  • Hi, this is Alexis, and I'm making an air Cem our video as a shameless attempt to gonna More followers and subscribers.

  • I have miss a phony A which is a fear of disgusting noises.

  • So this my absolute west, if anyone whispers in my it makes me feel physically sick is that any way a sm all could be no sexy?

  • I'm about to show you.

  • Oh, don't you just hate a great manana resistant being bailed?

  • My men take this.

  • It's upon it of strawberries.

  • These are really delicious.

  • So we can think about these.

  • Could be the sounds off over films and stuff.

  • Don't fall down that hell, Johnny.

  • You blow it.

  • Very confusing.

  • I fake flowers made out of paper.

  • Girls marching.

  • Ready, Quick.

  • Let's march north, Gentlemen.

  • That's right.

  • That's right.

  • That's good one.

  • Oh, well, dry.

  • My hands are very abrasive.

  • Be fireworks by everyone.

  • I went on a spot all that I had to leave most of the treatments I was having because they speak like this to you like that.

  • Okay.

  • Would you like it?

  • Uh, I was like, I hate soft talking.

  • Can you imagine?

  • Wah sound cats licking themselves.

  • Bad cats growing up.

  • Lucky they were alive.

  • Why did you want enjoying here myself?

  • It's not just a sound of all the people.

  • It's not even all eating.

  • By the way, sir, fit out.

  • I'm gonna freak out.

  • Is no that is very specific.

  • Its mouth sounds.

  • It's this This sounds worried.

  • Maybe this is the therapies.

  • Get over.

  • It's busy.

  • I am okay on that.

  • It's like cider pre sighted.

  • Most guys I know what they discover is in law.

  • Is anyone right in the comments below?

  • Then I'll know to play.

  • I'm not sure he watches these, but apparently there's a woman you had about formerly in.

  • It's just eating pickles.

  • So this is what it takes to get more attention.

  • I'm in.

  • I like that one.

thing stinks.


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