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  • so it's been a few months since I lasted a video like this, but I wanted to put together a one piece, three Ways video where I show three different complete outfits and my thoughts behind them.

  • They're all sort of different from each other, but each outfit looks very thought through, in my opinion.

  • So the trench I'm wearing today is one that I picked up a while back.

  • This is something that I've got tailored.

  • That's another really great thing.

  • If you find yourself maybe petite, like me or you really love a piece, then make it work.

  • Exactly four year dimensions.

  • I will link you guys down the description where you confined similar trenches to the one that I have.

  • So let's get started with the 1st 1 I wanted something that would be perfect for commuting and also as it gets a little bit colder outside, this one will really do well.

  • So if you are going to be walking in the cold, the first thing that want to do is have a cashmere sweater on that really is going to match my trench perfectly and just tucking that into some nineties cheeky jeans, then also I'm wearing the treads for my sneakers, and that's a really nineties take on the whole outfit.

  • Even the trench, I feel, is a little bit of a throwback, but altogether, I don't necessarily think it's screaming nineties.

  • I also think that these pieces are in essence, very basic, but altogether they look very structured and put together well through the color scheme.

  • And then also, I think that with any outfit it needs to be dressed up with some gold jewelry or whatever accessories that you find works for you.

  • If I'm ever looking in the mirror and I'm like this Alfa just doesn't quite come together is usually I just need to add accessories.

  • I also want to add a bag here.

  • I think that the perfect bag that will go with this and make sense for a routine where I wear this outfit is just a small bag.

  • Though I'm wearing the pollen number six bag that I generally wear all the time.

  • It's very small and easy to carry around and doesn't overwhelm me either.

  • This also works because the trench has pocket, so I don't need tons of storage.

  • But if you find that you need a laptop bag or anything like that.

  • You could go with a larger bag with this outfit, and it would be just fine Next for an outfit that could really work for warmer weather.

  • I am gonna go with a tank that's also a body suit and is also eternal neck.

  • So it looks deceivingly warm.

  • But it's actually gonna be really perfect for this time of year with a body suit is going to stay tucked into my jeans.

  • So I'm wearing some dark jeans from ever lane and then for the shoes.

  • I'm going to be wearing the new solo Chelsea boots.

  • What I wanna wear that is because gonna take that black color from my neck all the way down to my toe.

  • It's also weather resistant, which means if I'm wearing this trench for warmer weather like early fall, I really want this whole outfit to be weather resistant because I'm gonna be wearing it in rainy times.

  • So that's why these boots would work perfectly.

  • I just wanted put the whole outfit together with a few gold pieces, So I've got my belt.

  • The belts from J.

  • Crew.

  • I'm also going to be wearing it with a purse that is from by far so altogether.

  • This outfit has black tones and gold tones, and then the beautiful trench on top just makes this whole outfit look neutral and chic.

  • For the third outfits, I wanted to do something that was perfect for fall, like the whole outfit went on, talking about fall fashion.

  • It's so much fun to get back into boots and hats and everything like that.

  • So today I wanted to incorporate a hat.

  • This hat is from matches fashion, and I'll give you guys links again to everything down below.

  • I like this hat in particular because it's going to go so well with the trench itself.

  • Also, I like the fact that it's got, ah, wide ribbon and just the tiniest little gem that picks up light right on the corner.

  • So with this outfit, I definitely wanted to add some boots either than a solo Dari boots again.

  • It incorporates this beautiful, more beige or sand color from head to toe, and these are something that I wear all the time.

  • I always have a pair of these in my wardrobe underneath the trench.

  • I wanted to find an outfit that would be perfect for of traveling or anything any day.

  • I wanted to just feel extra comfortable.

  • So I'm wearing what is probably the most comfortable sweatshirt I've ever worn.

  • It's from Al Oh, yoga.

  • I wear this when you know for workouts and then also, I can wear it with any outfit like today.

  • So I'm going with this black tone that kind of brings contrast to the outfit and then for bottoms.

  • I'm wearing some very high waisted pants and they're the silk Elizabeth Suzanne pants.

  • I love wearing these so much I wear Elizabeth Suzanne Pants, probably half the time for anything I'm wearing on the bottom and then also with this whole outfit.

  • It's very just comfortable and lightweight, which I think is so important to each one of these outfits.

  • As we're transitioning into fall and lastly for accessories, I'm going to be using the by far bag that just has such a beautiful accent of the black tone that's on the shirt.

  • And then also it's got that beautiful gold detail that really matches my jewelry preference so altogether the outfit looks put together, there's contrast, and it's very comfortable, which was my goal and also is incorporating the things I love about fall with the boots in the hat.

  • So I hope that you liked this video.

  • It's fun to think through three different outfits with just one piece of clothing, and hopefully it brings you value as you look for trenches this coming season.

  • And if you like this video giving a thumbs up and don't forget to share and I'll see you guys next time a good commercial shoot.

  • But my mind's a miss the guilt, distress impressed Is it more?

so it's been a few months since I lasted a video like this, but I wanted to put together a one piece, three Ways video where I show three different complete outfits and my thoughts behind them.


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