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  • and staying on the West Coast.

  • Washington state is reporting infections in at least three different nursing homes.

  • The Lifecare facility, considered the epicenter of the outbreak, has seen at least 20 deaths, Scott said.

  • Let checks Father is at that facility, and Scott joins us live now, Scott.

  • First of all, how's your father doing?

  • So the best.

  • We know he's doing fine.

  • He's not experiencing the critical symptoms, but it's scary and that it's difficult to get any kind of decent information.

  • You sound a bit frustrated.

  • What has it been like, Where you hitting obstacles?

  • Frustration doesn't even start to explain what's going on.

  • The CDC remains quiet.

  • The rest of the people just don't know there's miscommunication.

  • Some people fill the voids in with whatever they want to say, and other people don't know what to say.

  • So getting accurate information getting timely information has been one of the most difficult parts of this.

  • And Scott, I know you actually contracted the virus.

  • Tell me about how you found that out, and how do you feel?

  • Luckily, right now I feel great.

  • But on Wednesday I felt horrible, so I visited my father at life care centre contract.

  • Id the virus Last Wednesday, it all hit me like a freight train, including the temperature, shortness of breath, the cough.

  • All of the statistics went to Swedish hospital, and they were incredible in the emergency room.

  • Put me in a negative pressure room, got me some breathing things to help my lungs on.

  • Within a couple of days, I was pretty much back to normal.

  • But it's It's a nasty one that can hit very fast and very hard.

  • And especially, I'm a healthy guy.

  • It will hit the older and the people that Aaron firm much, much harder.

  • And that's the biggest scare of this whole virus.

  • Scott, how do you feel?

  • Your care compares to the care your father is getting an other residents at that facility?

  • My care waas 100% absolute A plus.

  • Fantastic and what we know about the facility.

  • I'd give him a D.

  • They're they're giving the minimum care possible, but it's because they're working in uncharted waters.

  • They don't know what to do.

  • They don't know how to do.

  • They weren't trained well for a virus of this nature, and all they could basically do is feed the patients.

  • But we are wishing you and your father a good health right now.

  • And we hope at the very least you start to get more answers.

  • Scott, Thanks for joining us.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos Here.

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  • Thanks for watching.

and staying on the West Coast.


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B1 中級 新型コロナウイルス 新型肺炎 COVID-19

ワシントン州では、3つの異なる介護施設でコロナウイルスが発生しています。 (Washington state has coronavirus in 3 different nursing homes)

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