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  • Donora to know is unflinching in her loyalty towards Harvey Weinstein.

  • Known as a legal Rottweiler, she has a formidable record defending men in sex assault cases.

  • You were accused during the trial of taunting witnesses of Bring them to tears of inducing panic attacks.

  • How do you reflect on that?

  • Now?

  • You know the people that criticized me?

  • I don't think they really think about the big picture.

  • And I don't understand what they were hoping for, where they hoping that we would let people walk into a courtroom, tell their stories and not be asked any questions?

  • It doesn't make any sense.

  • That's not how a court procedure works.

  • Weinsteins conviction is seen as a landmark moment in the meat to movement.

  • The trial obviously had little forensic evidence.

  • Zero forensic government.

  • So it was down to the testimony of these women, and ultimately that was accepted by the jewelry.

  • Do you accept that things are changing in the way these kinds of cases are tried?

  • If this becomes a pattern or a model for the way Juries decide cases, I think every single person who finds themselves charged the crime should be concerned, because if we're finding people guilty where there are mountains of doubt and very little evidence, if any at all.

  • I think we need to question what the justice system looks like when you have sexual assault cases.

  • The idea of a woman coming to police with a test tube of evidence just isn't realistic, is it?

  • Hey, true, it's not.

  • No, But the question is, Do you have to believe someone just because they make a statement?

  • If you're looking at it from a mortar through moral lens, everyone's guilty.

  • But that's not what we do in the criminal justice system.

  • That's not how it works.

  • These women look guilty.

  • They were guilty of a lot of things they were guilty of using Harvey Weinstein.

  • They were guilty of asking Harvey Weinstein to do things, making him believe that they wanted to be with him, that they wanted to spend time with him and then get up on a witness stand and call him disgusting, sending him letter saying, Miss, you big guy, did that behavior warrant sexual assault?

  • We're talking about two different things.

  • You're asking me if the women were guilty, I'm telling you that they were guilty of certain things no behavior warrants, sexual assault.

  • You have said that you have never been sexually assaulted just because you've never put yourself in that situation.

  • So are you implying that there is choice in being sexually assaulted?

  • I am implying that there is choice in the circumstances in which we put ourselves.

  • But you seem to be accepting of the world, whether sexual predators.

  • And it's up to win it.

  • No, I'm a realist.

  • That's not at all.

  • I'm accepting of a world that bad things happen in it.

  • It's unrealistic to think that it doesn't.

  • What about the mountains role in this?

  • I don't think men have any power anymore.

  • How does a man have power today?

  • If a woman can say anything she wants and they're gonna be believed that takes away every ounce of power that a man has.

  • The pendulum is swinging so far in another direction that I think it's dangerous and scary, and nobody's gonna change my mind about that.

  • Very Harvey Weinstein is just hours away from finding out how long he'll spend in prison.

  • His legal team say he should be shown mercy.

  • His already historic fall from Grace.

Donora to know is unflinching in her loyalty towards Harvey Weinstein.


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ハーヴェイ・ワインスタインの「リーガル・ロットワイラー」が裁判を振り返る (Harvey Weinstein's 'legal rottweiler' reflects on trial)

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