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  • Jack Bird chronologies.

  • Jack Bird.

  • Is he broke?

  • Ohs bound.

  • They've offered him $700,000 a year.

  • Newcastle offered him 1.1 million.

  • So I have a three years.

  • That's a more than a $1,000,000 difference.

  • What would you do?

  • Mail?

  • Would you start chronology?

  • Would you got in your soul?

  • You gotta bring I wouldn't be flying the coop.

  • Wait, What about that?

  • Um well, you know, I think he's pretty well, so we don't We don't see Jack, but it's a bit of a mercenary, though.

  • He's got just come from ST George to Colonel.

  • He's got apprenticeship there on aging roster.

  • Carella.

  • In my opinion, the money's gonna be there eventually.

  • I just think that he's pretty well settled.

  • There's not too far away from family wary where his roots are.

  • So But now where's the pie?

  • The Broncos?

  • If it goes the brokers, we keep going with shock.

  • I want to see the shot.

  • Look, I think you should come to Brisbane.

  • I think he's got a put away.

  • The money, you know, go and top dollars playing for the Broncos.

  • It's an honor and a privilege to play for their club and what melts.

  • I really don't know where he's going to fit in, but I'm sure we'll find a position.

  • But if he wants success, he wants to be competing for another.

  • Premiership.

  • Wants to play for new stuff.

  • Wiles play for a strike.

  • He needs to go to a strong club where they're gonna be in the finals every year.

  • I think that will be at Brisbane.

  • Billy.

  • No, it's, I think, the way to the booth.

  • 1.3 million plus swords.

  • The cash difference.

  • He's got a club which California they've turned around and company.

  • Good young kids coming through the out of the hunter.

  • Alright, he's a chance off coupling up with that club and crying a bit of a history that the rebirth of the Heartland off right Billy in Newcastle, when it's far is great.

  • I just reckoned you'd jump on just the right time and he could be really pretty.

  • So what position you're in when he's utility values is excellent.

  • No, I think he's worth the money to spend the money to get in, but your club quiets the Broncos.

  • Let's show he comes to the brocade, paid a bill in a fascinating interview with wine.

  • Bennett to die here He is in action said that Anti Milford is not moving from six.

  • Darius Boyd is not moving from one who's not kind of play halfback.

  • Get your playing in 700,000 year.

  • Where's he fitting?

  • Well, I saw today We talked with Mel before, or maybe 1/3 date, which I didn't think so.

  • You think about the current boarding and always with these big boom Emma's so locks like a trend.

  • Maren that plant the center, not the friends piled up the milk, but I think there is, so I don't think he would be that sort of playing tough.

  • He's got great skills and we can play a different way like he's like the football in his hands.

  • He likes running, the board likes Planet, likes the big defense as well, and you might got.

  • And where's James Roberts going?

  • These these contracts up this year as well, save Jack Birds, playing right center for his club the moment.

Jack Bird chronologies.


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