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  • right.

  • At the same time, I do think this is the time where women can step up and change that.

  • That idea that that's what happens to us.

  • Does that make sense?

  • Habits, a sump?

  • Women like that.

  • But I think in some other cases it's like, No, some of us turned into Jason Bourne and find a way, a way didn't have Thio You should never have to 100%.

  • But I think it's important that we change that now and that we realize that there is power in our voice.

  • Oh, that more than power because they are powerful mountain men that are using that to make the silence our voice that we care less about pair of power and care more about ourselves way can more about our bodies that we care more about.

  • I don't care if I don't get that role.

  • If you you never gonna let me work in Hollywood again, I don't care if no one ever knows my name.

  • Feel bad, conduct the other thing, too.

  • Sometimes I think that that person has the power.

  • It's like you don't want to feel like you made the person you're awkward and made them feel bad.

  • I don't care.

  • We get taught so much to protect male egos.

  • And you got to be able to be like, nice.

  • Yeah, the problem.

  • Just to be careful, though.

  • The thing is, when these precautionary steps are very important to be able to think here where we're okay.

  • But when you're placed in a situation that is so endangering and you don't know what's happening and it's also quick, you're muted at times and sometimes four years.

  • And so to ever look back at that to say, Damn, I knew I should have used my voice.

  • Damn, I know I'm a strong woman that can become blaming yourself.

  • And I just never want any woman to feel that because you are, You can try to win this case and she's even using ourselves, and it's gonna fall back on her, you know, to show tell it really is Women sell out like and I think women who say these type of things This is one of the reasons why women who have been sexually assaulted are afraid to speak up.

  • That's why I'm gonna teach.

  • I have a son.

  • I'm gonna teach my son to respect women.

  • Yeah, it doesn't matter if that girl is laying there butt naked and she says, No, she means no back for you as a mother and us, someone who has been sexually assaulted.

  • And you have transparent about that.

  • What would you tell this next generation of women?

  • Women?

  • Is there anything they can do?

  • Different, Not blame yourself from the past.

  • But is there something you would tell them?

  • I think the most important thing that we don't recognize is your intuition.

  • Every time you've recognizes a person you've dated that was wrong or a situation that you felt uncomfortable when you look back, your intuition the whole time was saying I told you so.

  • So I would really ask women to listen to your gut, have that sharp feeling when you walk into, you know, a kn apartment or something where you feel it's a little weirder.

  • You've had a couple of drinks and you feel like I'm a little rockier.

  • Check yourself and have that conversation with yourself.

  • Tow.

  • Walk away.

  • Say no.

  • Be able to get yourself back to reality so that you take care of yourself because at the end of the day, when situations happened.

  • You just never want your voice stolen from you.

  • And that can happen when you don't feel it from thes cases get prosecuted correctly and that the that the crime fits because it's like, OK, they may convince Weinstein, but if they only give him six months punishment exactly, really.

  • Does hearing people to know you cannot do that and you can't get away with it?

  • Exactly.

  • Exactly.

  • No matter how much money you have, No.



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