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  • Okay, everybody welcome.

  • And today's challenge today is the Torah texting do The challenge was following a person host a party.

  • Let's use the case of it at his home and it was rolled up the rim.

  • Time for Tim Hortons coffee.

  • And he provides his guests with with rope the room, coffee cups.

  • One of his guests wins the prize.

  • Whose prize is it?

  • Is that the guest that opened the rim rolled it up?

  • Or is it the owners?

  • And doesn't matter if let's say this is taking place in the banquet hall Shewell party room or a second place in the owner's house.

  • So here we go.

  • This is based on a I'm gonna read from Simin Roesch if gimble in question.

  • But that's irrational.

  • Dumb Canelo Chlamydia.

  • Meaning if a person a person's own property always requires.

  • So therefore son takes place in my house.

  • You can't say Hey, Greenberg.

  • Hey, I have found this awesome panic.

  • This is mine now, because I found it right?

  • No, it doesn't work that way.

  • There's my property I own.

  • However, if I'm about the throw of the bottles, then let's say you know you have those caps right price of Coca Cola captain.

  • If my intention is to throw out those bottles and they're on the way to recycling, or I don't even know the contest is going on that things were very interesting.

  • I know there's a contest and I'm aware of it.

  • I'm excited that I'm going now.

  • I had an excuse to Burgess 100 cops.

  • There's no question the owner owns those cups.

  • The challenge is going to be, you know, cool about this competition.

  • Person is home and his home wins it.

  • He's gonna be a problem who actually bones that prize unclear?

  • Probably It's a Suffolk, and the guy probably should take it apart.

  • Should belong to the owner.

  • The owner can't force the guy to give them if it's in.

  • Although most of the short hold that even without dot you're going to be Kona only way be allowed to take it.

  • As if it was like little interest in the guard's been about the pit stop for the recital.

  • That guy can't say, Oh no, I want that back Basically, if, however, is in a public place.

  • If the owner didn't know about it and had no clue so he never acquired it.

  • Really?

  • Because how do you acquire that cap?

  • He acquired the content inside.

  • He acquired the cop again for a moment.

  • I had no doubt about it, in which case, if he didn't know about it.

  • And the guy said, I want a $1,000,000 toe probably can't say that this was gonna in a public hall.

  • Want to get rid of it anyways?

  • Probably would definitely more likely belonged to the guy who finds it on Owner came and claimed that it should be where whether it takes place in the owner's house owner is much more reason to say that really belongs to me.

  • But in a public area owner didn't know about it.

  • The guy wins it.

  • He would be allowed to keep it.

  • The owner doesn't acquire the bottle cap as well.

  • If, however, what about interesting questions?

  • Move the party.

  • Someone says, Hey, Oh, my goodness, What a great party threw down junk food, but also it's so nice to give Guess I'm predicting $20 million guys like, uh, you know, it's the same time.

  • Our prices Coca Cola Deodoro I want acquire all them as a symbol of in the middle of be able to do that.

  • It wasn't his intention.

  • And the the REMOTE writes in the end of the Symon here, insolvent honey v Saurabh is Olcott zero Shimon who?

  • But human from Arctic in early really care.

  • You know, Rocky, Zach about there is a person even Chlo get even in his own hot there.

  • You can't you're not.

  • You item out of the acquire.

  • It might be a coven.

  • Now you have to have intent.

  • You see, here it is a bit of a croquette.

  • However, it appears that definitely be Prefer a boat if it's in the person's home.

  • By belongs, owner last bloom with garbage, as opposed to What is that?

  • A public area?

  • Who's hosting the party, in which case it would belong to the person who finds its owner cannot claim is my party, and I own all these bottle caps and all these rims.

  • People would not be allowed really, too.

  • So who wins?

  • Who won today if you receive a text with the winner, but there will be winner $5 2nd gift card coming.

  • Thank you, Tor.

Okay, everybody welcome.


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