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- Hey, everybody.
Trevor Noah, here.
So, I just wanted to let you know that
we at the Daily Show have decided,
ahhh, don't touch your face.
We at The Daily Show have decided that
we're not gonna be having shows next week.
We won't be recording anything from the studio,
because we're trying to do our part
to socially distance ourselves.
I've been reading up a lot on this.
I know it's confusing.
There's a difference between
social distancing and quarantine.
And social distancing means you try and keep yourself
away from people as much as possible.
Six to 10 feet if you have to be in public,
but let's try and stay away
from bars and closed restaurants.
I know some people have to eat,
and when you're gonna eat you're gonna eat,
but let's try because the longer we stay out there,
the longer coronavirus remains a threat,
and the longer the medical system
really struggles or will struggle with the indecision
we have burdened with it.
So stay home, stay safe, wash your hands,
FaceTime your friends,
and hopefully we'll see the other side of this.
Other than that, though, let's stay in good spirits.
It feels like the end of the world,
but I don't think it really is.
And I think we can try and help it
not be the end of the world if we follow
the instructions of healthcare professionals.
So, oh yeah, and another thing,
stop hoarding everything guys.
You don't have to buy all the toilet paper.
I don't know what kind of shits you're having,
but calm down.
People need toilet paper, people need food.
If we all panic, nobody has anything,
and if nobody has anything then there's more panic.
It becomes a viscous cycle.
So be considerate of others, take what you need,
leave the shop, and let's act like we live in a community,
not just by ourselves.
I'll be touching base during the week.
We'll be making videos here and there.
I don't know how funny they'll be because
I don't know how funny the world is right now.
But, but we'll see.
So stay tuned and hopefully this will be behind us
sooner than later.
(upbeat music)


A Message from Trevor: Stay Home | The Daily Show

54 タグ追加 保存
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