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  • for generations, the Houston livestock.

  • So on Rodeo has welcome professional athletes from around the world who come to compete to take part in one of the most exciting and celebrated events of the year.

  • But the Cowboys and Cowgirls at MIT, they'd be nothing on their own.

  • They fully rely on their partners, the other part of their team that they love and fiercely protect, just like a part of their family.

  • Like this beautiful lady, for example.

  • She's 20 years old and she's the matriarch of a incredible family.

  • She goes by the name of hostage.

  • She is a great, great grandmother and the mother of 11 babies.

  • She's won every major rodeo, including the national finals and even Rodeo Houston.

  • She was born a bucking horse, and a great bucking horse is that she's buck over 168 times.

  • And even though she's retired now, her legacy goes on because she gave birth to this beautiful girl.

  • This is hostage negotiator.

  • She's 12 years old and she's a grandmother to she's given birth to five babies and just like her mother, she's a powerful athlete, and so is her seven year old daughter hostage taker.

  • She's competed for the past two years, and there's no doubt she'll carry out the legacy she's inherited.

  • And so will the newest members of the family, these sweet little babies to painted hostage born in northern Colorado.

  • And that is two week old Houston's honey board right here at Rodeo used it.

  • These two young fillies will grow up alongside their family and be the next in line to carry on the tradition.

  • Some horses air born to run fast summer Mento work with cutting precision.

  • But this family of athletes was born to challenge its riders.

  • Bucking comes naturally to these bronze, and it's our responsibility.

  • And it's our privilege to make sure that they're cared for with respect and worth, because they are a part of the Houston Livestock Show on Rodeo Family, too.

  • Let's give all of our human and animal athletes a huge round of applause.

  • Yes, my friends, they are loving, yet they're wild, they're beautiful.

  • Yet they are unbroken, and they and their family members have entertained members of your family for generations here at Rodeo Houston, and those babies are promise that they will continue to do it for generations.

for generations, the Houston livestock.


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ロデオヒューストンでの降圧馬への美しいトリビュート (Beautiful tribute to bucking horses at RodeoHouston)

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