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well, IM live right now outside the Oakland County Health Division.
As you said Alicia, one confirmed case here in Oakland County.
Another in Wayne County were being told One is a man.
One is a woman, both middle aged, both currently in the hospital.
As governor Gretchen Whitmer tries to prevent or slow down any potential spread.
We're taking every step that we can to mitigate the virus spread.
Michiganders Two confirmed cases of the Corona virus has prompted Governor Gretchen Whitmer to declare a state of emergency.
I've signed an executive order declaring a state of emergency in order to maximize our efforts and assist local governments and officials to slow the spread, the chief medical executive for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Service is saying these two people had recently traveled one in Oakland County resident who had a recent history of international travel.
The other is a Wayne County resident who had a history of both The Wayne and Oakland County Health departments will now be working toe identify anyone who may have been in close contact with these two individuals to determine if they need to be tested for the Corona virus and monitor them if necessary.
In the meantime, the elderly and those with chronic medical conditions are being asked to postpone long travel, stay away from crowds and make sure they do not take any long plane rides.
People in Michigan also being asked to plan ahead the governor stating the focus is not on stopping the Corona virus, saying it's already here.
The focus.
Now stop the potential spread.
Wash your hands often for 20 seconds, at least practice touching your face less often.
Replace handshakes with elbow bums.
Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.
And all these sound simple, but they work and they will help mitigate the spread.
Governor Whitmer saying she's now in contact with the White House and other governors from other states as they work together through this.
She also announced on Monday there are four tasks Force dedicated to the Corona virus, stating there.
Now busy at work reporting live from Southfield Alley, Hoxie seven.


First cases of coronavirus confirmed in Michigan; Whitmer declares state of emergency

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