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  • the 80 deaths so far in China, thousands more ill.

  • And it's an illness.

  • The Corona virus.

  • The outbreak all started in the province of Wuhan, a couple of provinces away from where Muir is now.

  • The CDC is testing for three possible cases here in Michigan to people in Washtenaw County, one in Macomb County.

  • And it's pretty scary.

  • Since the symptoms of the Corona virus mirror that of pneumonia or a bad flu.

  • In China, safety measures are already being taken.

  • People are really helping each other to try and minimize the fear, but I think as time goes on, it is becoming a little more worrisome.

  • Currently, in the city that I live in, you have to have a mask when you're on public transit and they are starting to take temperatures outside of bars and restaurants and anywhere where a large crowd might gather, she says.

  • Actually, in some places those face masks are sold out where she is in China, and some international airports here in the United States have begun screening people coming from certain places in China.

  • So far, that is not happening at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, but of course we will continue to follow this story, this outbreak for you, and bring you the latest right here on channel seven reporting live.

  • I'm Jennifer and Wilson.

  • Seven Action News.

the 80 deaths so far in China, thousands more ill.


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B1 中級 新型コロナウイルス 新型肺炎 COVID-19

メトロデトロイト出身者が中国でコロナウイルス対策をしています。 (Metro Detroit native taking precautions against Coronavirus in China)

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