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  • more on that story and bring in Julie Randleman.

  • She's a criminal defense lawyer here in New York City.

  • Thanks so much for being with us.

  • Way were just actually while the piece was going.

  • We're talking about the jury knows, you know, what do you make of that?

  • It's It's a bombshell, and quite frankly, I think that Harvey Weinstein cannot be sitting comfortably tonight.

  • And I don't want to make any assumptions, you know, because I think when we talk about jury notes, we talk about reading tea leaves.

  • But basically what the jury note said is bombshell.

  • The bombshell is, um, and I actually wrote it out.

  • We'd the jury request to understand if we can be hung on counts one and three and or three and unanimous on the other charges counts one and counts through your predatory sexual assault.

  • The other counts are the lesser includeds, And so the reason that everyone so wild about this specific jury note is many people are speculating that it means that the jury has found him guilty of it, least one of the victims in this case because there's really no other way to really read it now.

  • We're all assuming that all the jurors wrote this note and we're often wrong.

  • There's many times it could be one juror tenders.

  • But if all of them are writing this note, and if all of them believe that this is the actual charges and this is where they are, then Harvey Weinstein may be in some trouble.

  • Well, does that surprise you?

  • Though You know it, it does.

  • And I and I hate to say that I was the one in the beginning and I threw out.

  • I've always felt that the prosecutor had an incredibly incredibly difficult road ahead of them because the victims in this case, we're not the typical victims we think of when we think of rape.

  • They were individuals that knew him and continued a relationship with him.

  • And so I thought it was incredibly difficult for the jury to really understand that and understand what goes on in a woman's mind when they're raped.

  • And they don't always handle things the way you expect them to write.

  • And, you know, from your experience with these types of cases, there is that argument that look there, there in shock.

  • I mean, this is a man of power.

  • This is someone who has, Ah lot of control over their future.

  • And so you are in a position you do.

  • You're paralyzed.

  • Absolutely.

  • And I think that that's but the problem is, is a case like this was pretty novel, especially for the Manhattan D.

  • A's office.

  • We usually when we think about a rape, we think about someone being thrown into a bush you never thought about ah husband being able to rape a wife or in this circumstance, you know, someone who had more power being able to take advantage and that being rape on DSO, it is a novel idea and the idea, you know, look, the prosecutor put forth the best case they could.

  • I didn't think it was the strongest case that the jury is the one who's going to decide in the end how strong that case Waas.

  • So we're looking at Monday being Day five.

  • Is that normal?

  • Are we surprised by that?

  • Is it taking long?

  • Is it not taking long?

  • It's really not taking that long, and I see that is because it's been going on for three weeks, so we expect jurors to want to hear from witnesses they haven't heard for three weeks, and we expect them to take the time to review every piece of evidence to make sure they're making the right decision.

  • So, in a sense, I think they're taking just the right amount of time.

  • If it stays a little longer than obviously working, I'm gonna come back and maybe say taking longer than expected and we will talk again.

  • Thank you.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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more on that story and bring in Julie Randleman.


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