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  • artist.

  • Oh, holy, huh?

  • Ma Jaja!

  • Bobby Jenkins at Holy Kill Enemy Delabar.

  • Holy Hannah!

  • Wrangle a Ronnie, huh?

  • Hey!

  • Hey!

  • Duke jumps open for the bacon.

  • Yo, Bessie!

  • Barney!

  • Kalina!

  • Donaghy!

  • Hoga are a hooligan.

  • Didn't die so quick, Carta, Go home, Carter!

  • Mommy!

  • Come be Holy!

  • Kill our tikkun dude!

  • Oh, Nikolai!

  • Not killing T calling or C Denali depicting Carson Barnicle Cannoli.

  • Peca Whiskey.

  • Gardena Dick Lena The chapel in separate Ica Greggy Dar Tattoo her, Gela.

  • See, between two in the Raja called sandal Raja cola to run like I didn't get you so much going on.

  • Gail Rue Koba who made the cut who now speak to Malaga.

  • NCO hammy meal.

  • Okay, don't look.

  • I and cool room Don't know Comma Pena Lima pickup Eka Thompson took it.

  • Art Deco Look idea Jealousy Probably on NATO and Solomon pick Gigi, go look up here.

  • A typical neck earlier.

  • Come on, Hogan!

  • McGee!

  • But who?

  • You but John Logan run like ideo hunka hunka Hikaru Abbott.

  • He can't ahmadi my peak.

  • Jenna made you got to younger, But it's a big Bobby modesty who really killed her?

  • He had longer late Lord gnocchi.

  • Dung beetle, Gigolo lay low A grade 100 wrangle a Laker Hamada Jagga Holy Kalima.

  • Babu Wrong Leo di Dada.

  • No bullet pass.

  • Aruba Yaki Bar.

  • Yeah, Maria in anger.

  • Lona Babu.

  • It's no.

  • Go ahead, shoot a not todo Lalo Mata here, Bobby Deka LaGanga are gone, huh?

  • Killing Madonna Getting numb My daughter?

  • How killer name gone yet?

  • Oh, that too.

  • Ha may bahu Tamada Johanna kilim a Gallagher meto may sit Giada Medea MacKillop Who?



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B2 中上級

(JOKE OF - PADOSAN KE SAATH HOLI ( पड़ोसन के साथ होली ) - Comedy time toons)

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