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  • What did you do?

  • It reeks.

  • It's like a hot foot forest.

  • Oh, well I got the squirts.

  • You know, where you make fudge puddles?

  • My bad.

  • Didn't need the visual

  • It's horrific

  • Okay can we forget it?

  • I got a purse.

  • You don't even like it.

  • I do, everyone thinks I don't.

  • Well, I'm buying you a new one.

  • And extra milk.

  • But I have milk!

  • Yeah, but you're the one who chokes on water.

  • Scooby-Doo

  • Do something fruity.

  • No thank you!

  • Well can I do it?

  • Ew gross, you're drunk.

  • Maybe, but who's stopping us?

  • Your dad?

  • Yeah, right.

  • You cow sack! Your dog spit this evil grunge at me. And you know you want to go dance with me!

  • Hey, tuna flavor!

  • I'm the queen!

  • Now, you're too excitable!

  • Drank.

  • Yeah, he's so right

  • Hey Joe, wait, who's Joe?

  • Okay, wait, wait, you're not Joe? I thought he was Joe?


  • Remember Bob the Human?

  • He hurt me.

  • And bombed Josie Seeger's ten-speed.

  • Can it, you little liar!

  • No, he barfed on a sailor like a pig!

  • And the police ate Timothy!

  • Every night I want you to hold Marvin the cat.

  • He's not a real cat.

  • Will you text me?

  • I don't want you to text ME.

  • You're stupid.

  • You're dumb.

  • Okay, well whose father's on crack?

  • Poor little ho right there

  • You went out with Brian

  • Well he's mine's

  • And now I'm loco crazy

  • You stink! mmhhyyahahahaha

  • Yay, a goat!

  • Give me a good time?

  • Gross

  • Please??

  • And that's how babies grow?

  • You gotta be kidding.

  • It's not?

  • Face it, you're the devil.

  • NO!NO!

What did you do?


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