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  • s.

  • So now you're in rehearsals for, remember?

  • Hustles for a play called Endgame.

  • Nothing to do with the Avengers film.

  • I know some people are gonna be very disappointed when they turn up on, but it's a plain bagel endgame by Samuel Beckett, which I'm doing with Alan Cumming in London.

  • So divine, Very, very exciting.

  • But on the show, many times have you Have you seen Daniel on stage yet?

  • Not on be in theatre.

  • I've seen them on the big screen.

  • Let me tell you, Go.

  • Go see Daniel Radcliffe.

  • Yes, you are.

  • You are a treat to be ho.

  • Well, thank you really are really quite an ease.

  • And Alan is like the most I followed Allain into So he did a show in a theater and then I was the next one to be in his dressing room.

  • And like I had to lake, there were a lot of disco balls in the way I have to.

  • I can't have all of these on.

  • I had to apologize when he came.

  • I was like, I've made your dress.

  • I'm so boring.

  • But like he's just this kind of incredible person who's like seems to have the busiest life in the world and also just have time to be like incredibly kind and dinners.

  • And yet, you know, he turned.

  • He's turned his dressing room, which was club coming into an actual club coming a real bar where people perform cabaret and incredible.

  • I have never done anything that interesting with my dress open a bar downtown or something, right, he would open the world, it would be so badly wrong.



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ダニエル・ラドクリフ、「エンドゲーム」でアラン・カミングと共演決定 (Daniel Radcliffe Will Be on Stage With Alan Cumming in "Endgame")

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