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  • Hey, you guys.

  • Okay, so we are doing the 100 cup challenge, which involves rolling up the rim of Tim Hortons cups to see how many winners you get.

  • We are not rich enough, however, to get 100 cops, so got 10 which is almost is good.

  • It is a completely appropriate sample size for the scientific research that we're about to do.

  • We've got, as you can see, mostly.

  • You can see we've got 10 cops here.

  • You just have to take a report and s So we are going to unroll each one, and then we're going to tally the We're going to tally the number of prizes under the winner or loser columns on this wait for.

  • So let's get started.

  • And you do the owners two, please Wait.

  • Okay.

  • We haven't all enrolled.

  • Finally.

  • All right, Andy, would you like to do the honors and call out the winners or the losers?

  • I lose there.

  • Is there another loser?

  • Winner Get you winner over to Loser User.

  • Another loser.

  • I'm not doing the lizard loser Loser Winner.

  • So 12 plus five is seven 3 30% wind.

  • Okay, so let's see this one says Coffee.

  • So one coffee, one coffee.

  • This one says, Doughnut one.

  • Done it.

  • This one says, Don't I don't know.

  • He's looking at her scientific data.

  • Andy, who works with many very well known and very studied scientists, can tell a scientifically isn't worth it.

  • To go to Tim Hortons to roll through, huh?

  • So I think our results are in and that it's always worth it to go.

Hey, you guys.


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100カップチャレンジ - ティム-ホートンのロールアップ-ザ-リム (100 Cup Challenge - Tim Horton's Roll Up The Rim!)

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