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  • Good morning.

  • It's Tuesday, Tuesday, the 21st.

  • Wow.

  • A whole week since Valentine's Day.

  • So that means a whole week closer to spring time at Sam.

  • So did a year.

  • Anything last night?

  • Yep.

  • Had to others.

  • Let me show you.

  • It's thes Werther's original creamy caramel.

  • And they're this big 25 calories each.

  • So you can't be too many.

  • They will.

  • Anna.

  • D'oh!

  • I put some cold water and I want to drink it quickly and it's boiling pork chops for supper tonight.

  • Okay?

  • T for work and a tea for right now, home from work.

  • I'm starving, So I'm gonna need two Triscuits from Mrs Brielle snack.

  • I'm having two Triscuits, and I'm gonna go clean the bathroom or chop me.

  • Okay, Supper tonight.

  • Two pork chops.

  • These air little lean pork chops.

  • So they're only 130 calories each according to the package.

  • And once, not enough cause.

  • I love meat.

  • Some rice and apple slices.

  • I much prefer fruit to vegetables, so I kind of eat more fruits and vegetables.

  • There it is.

  • And I don't like preparing had stools, but fruit is easy.

  • You just wash it and cut it, huh?

  • I really don't love those red delicious apples.

  • Are you still of them?

  • They were my favorite when I was a kid, but now I find them like the skin is too thick and they're not a sweetest golden delicious.

  • So that happens every time I straight from golden.

  • Delicious.

  • I'm always sorry.

  • So that's what I should buy this week.

  • More golden.

  • Delicious.

  • Okay, we're at the end of our Oreo.

  • Uh, container it sound box.

  • It's not bag, huh?

  • There's only two left.

  • So I'm gonna have those and to hurt Gummies for my dessert.

  • Okay, I guess.

  • And then And the flock here.

  • I don't really have anything more exciting to add to it.

  • You saw great today.

  • I think I had a really good day.

  • And tomorrow's Wednesday.

  • Oh, well, probably doing a small grocery hall tomorrow, depending on what?

  • The sales are.

  • One of my stores.

  • So kind of it.

  • So thanks for watching.

  • Um yeah, that's it.

  • Thanks for watching.

  • I'll probably eat a couple of more Werther's tonight.

  • Those little gold ones that I showed you earlier.

  • Those air so good.

  • So that's it.

  • Um, all for tonight.

  • I think I said that three times So I really mean it this time.

  • All her tonight for, um and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

  • And I hope you guys have a good night.

  • See you later.

  • Bye.

Good morning.


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